sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2016

vogue, the original version with 1H 41 m

if meanwhile not cut by the terrorists that seems afraid of some parts of this contence, as can be understood in the last post explanation about this crime of impeachment if not worst.

As all know the sequence on this video where I gave a dream account with french matters, was been target of some mis en scenes in Lisbon in my day of informatc shopping ant CC Colombo, that is accounted on a video under publisehd but is portuguese. Of course this complex mis en scene also mingle others subjects like the 911.

the cut version of this video,


link of the account with the mis en scene at CC Colombo
domingo, setembro 11, 2016

1130 M 09 09 2016 account on informatic shopping day at Media Markel, and Worten,

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