quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2009

Third letter to tpi, first part

It s a fact, in my clear knowledge that people and institutions of all kind, wich are the subject of this accusation, are not in mostly part the major responsables for the kidnapping , abuse and torture of my child, that in most of they actions, they obbey to others, and act according with others from other organizations they belong in the wild world context of a war, im wich this facts have occured

Kid , cover id. dn, dna of the ping of the ab in use, and of the tor rue french, circle fm, waves and munic first uncle of the french om in communications, from the major delta chi in first square

Ot first serpente from the fortress acconutable of the ac to the croix, in major delta circule of the lea from the ar of reading, dean of knowledge, croix in mason man, from the ong,

Mason from ins titu uncle ns circle fortress a ll kapa india wich, ar and mna of the serpente form the ub jc ject form the circulo of the fortress of yhe man wich is the traget of this accusation, also the man of ac cc isa uncle, form teha ra form trhe reno un not from the mo from the st forst delta of the major, boavista club, serpent responsable for of father cover of id dna pp da p do ping, pais, of the ab to english, in use

Wich is the also the responsable from the abuse and torture of my son, and cross the Tor of th french ture from the circulo form the fortress major delta sin of isabel french om of father

Wich is the responsable form the circle of the rio, rui, mayer of the city of oporto,, da croix, sorro zorro, english mo st circle fortress from circle of the ft man, the french, whom they obbey, ob b and delta ot frome the germany serpent and ac cord ds, circle of the it ro english, double vase it mam, man from the germany ot serpent, croix rat man of the vase of the organizations they belong in the web and newspapers, of the first war, english double double vase of the vase ch croix , the man of the cross, circle rio, rui, mayer of the city of oporto, x , in it form the fortress accontanle of the ac made by the ts man , man ave, from faith form the circle cc from the red vase, the blood vessel, the second of the hundred dv ess sel fron the first se of the fist, the hard penetration

Even knowing this, It salso a fact, that in the face of the law, they are no less accountable for having act is this illegly and terrible way, to a child and a father, because law make distintion beetween degre of acts, and consequent responsability

Eve cover of the no of the wing of man of is, it serpent of the al , english nin, the face do circle ft, finantial time spanish, wich is the no of the first ess, gaz, da pormeria do ac da cc co un cruz do ab of the latino europeean american, man of the avi of english act, do is do homem da ilha and cat of the first ts delta, wich belong to terri, the second street do to do first filho e do pai do bec da austriaca americana da law, and major ak e, form di serpente do tin, the unc first e, from the bet made by the, we english oamerica mule from grup oneaw and police, from the circle of the fortress accontable for the ac made by ts man , ac rat and zorro and co from nse, from the square of the vassel da englsih cruz, rat spain frim ponsa from the anonima society, dance group, sa, da responsability of the ab reaction to , bil, man of the first delta of ti, information tecnoligies, in for macon uncle from the tecnologies

It s also a fact, that mostly demo cracy, have became in reality, mere cover form regimes who had became, more and more, abusive in face of the citzens rigths wich are consagrate by law, and imn consequnce of this, corruption grass every where on state and in all kind of it institutions, in justice, police and commun courts also

It serpent al, serpent of the circle ft, he, man from the circle of first lady from the fortress of the circle of the man of ac in charlize theiron, croix hat mo st and first delta of the demo circle rac of the delta, man bird bec am e in rea first it delat, mere of sea circle of the ove in radio frequence form, rat e gim spanishs who man ad bec am emo mor and mor, e, ab us iv e in face circle ft he from citzens rig cross man serpente of the wich ar and circle of the on sa cat of the rate second delta of the law, and soc english in circle of the on seq un ce circle ft energy is, and acto of corruptin, co rat rup ptt uncle from the grass eve rat of the delta double vase her eon sat e and serpente of tate and soc a ll ka cover indo fortress of it ins titu uncle ns, in justice, circle of the om major in un circle on the courts of al serpent of the leo circle, zimbabwe

It s also a fact that life is never separated beetween fields like little boxs, and for this nature oamerica mule from grup oneife itself, this kind of phenomena, also arised in all kind of organizations and sctrutures, some of them in nature and form of distints brotherwods , where inside them, laws and even courts exists

It serpente sa al lm, serpente of the circle of the first lady from fortres of the ac croix in hat life is, n eve rat serpent epa par e ted bee of the bet we english the fi e first ds first ike first it cross le b ox serpent, and america man is of nature circle fortress live it se first ft man energy from is cover indo fp he english om english a, al serpent circle ar ise sed in a ll cover indo american cat ani iza uncle ns and sc cross ru rat spanish, serpente of the ome circle ft man of the min of nature and for mo fortress di st in ts br ro of ot lady germany of the woods , double delta infinit ds, double vase her, e, in sid e them in laws and eve english co ur ts e x is ts

Is my strongly and firmly conviction, that in face of the recentely step in world war, or in the combat against terrorism as some prefer, wrongly to call, a lot of similar and distints brotherwoods organizations, have become together, in the attemp that deal with this question who need a comum response and soluction, and also because they know by knowledge, that we are also in the presence of acts that strongly point and confirm, to, the use of this kind of knowledge, that was in the past more confine to this brotherwoods, and of course, this conscience , is also one of the ciments of a kind of alliance, that between all became real, a alliance that works trought spirit rather by treats signed in paper wich are possible to be consulted by all the citzens, because they lay on a biblio, or a parlement or a congress

Is m delta st ron cat first delta and firm first delta circle of the on vic uncle on, cross hat in face circle ft hat general circle fortress a rec english tely st ep ina world war, circle rat in the com bat a gain st te rr ori sm, ace of, serpent ome pr efe rat double vase ron cat first delta to ca ll, a lot circle fortress si mi first ar and di serpent tin ts br ot her woods or gan z ina uncle ns, man ave bec om me to ge cross her, in cross he at te mp e T hat the is duck st uncle on ne ed ac om um rat spanish pons and sol vase charlize thieron uncle on, anda, and al serpent circle bec au use they cover no double vase b delta cover no double vase le dg ge, that we ar e al serpent circle in the pr spanish english ce circle fortress ac ts the st ron cat first delta and dc on firm, serpent ron cat first delta, p circle int, to, the use circle fortress cover ind of cover no double vase le dg e, cross hat was in the p a st mor e circle of the on fi ne to the is bro the rat serpent woods, and a circle fortress course, the is co nsc cie english ce , is al serpent circle one circle ft he circle of the imen ts circle fortress a cover indo fortress all ian ce, cross hat bet we english a ll bec am me rea la all ina ce cross hat double vase circle rat cover st rought spi rit rat her cross rea ts si gn ned in pap e rat wich ar e p os sible to bec on sul ted b delta all the citzens, bec au use the vase la delta on ab bi b lio, ina parlement circle ra from the congress

Its also my strong believe and conviction that the fact of who I am, and the role that life made me play in this events, put my in a way, in a very particular position among the various groups and institutions of broother woods, in a way like a kind of a teatcher who explains the events and also, a kind of non official judge, who brings me, to a very unique and delicate position concerning the defense of my own soon and my particular rigths

It ts from sal, cap vert, serpent om delta st ron be lie eve and circle of the on vic uncle on cross hat the fortress ac to fortress double vase ho I am, and the rol e cross man cross al iv ema made me p lay in the is eve english ts put m delta ina double vase a delta, in ave rat delta p art and cu first ar posi uncle on am mon cat energy is vase ario us cat ro ups and ins titu it in, rui cross ino fortress brit man a e rat woods, ina a double vase a delta first ike a cover indo fa tea tc e rat double vase ho e x p la and ns the eve english ts ana and a first serpent circle, ak cover indo fortress from non, movies and the group of manoel oliveira, and also circle of fernando ferreira and circle of the first judge, double vase ho br ring english me to ave ru uve rat delta uni square ue and deli cat e posi uncle on circle of the on ce rat ning to cross principe, p kid ne delta cip ipe, and defense from circle of fm delta circle double vase ns circle of the irc circle first eon

Its also my strong believe and convition and constant statment by words and actions, that always defend the republic and the urgent need, that it structures , work proprily and act according it nature and function, and that justice must be done where the republics bring it accorded, in the commun and regular courts, mainly, because this world oscillation, wich is, allowed and also consequence of the so call figth against terror, is a very dangerous way, as we all know and are experiencing in ours daily life, wich allow few in the name of the security needs, the stole of civil rigths and liberties, and we all know by history, what this way normally figures and lead, to regimes of abuse, wich later or soon, became responsable for larges river of blood and paim

It of the ts al serpent om of the delta serpent rat ong be lie eve and circle of the on vit unc le on and co ns cross ant serpent tat men cross b vaso of the words and ac uncle ns, cross hat ia al double vase a delta sd efe english dt he from rat ep ub li can square dt the ur cat english cross ne ed, cross hat it st ru rat ur spanish circle fortress man, work por rp pr and first delta and ac cross ac cord ding it serpent nature anda fortress unc uncle n, and cross hat justice m us bed one double vase her e the rat e pub first ics br english sig, airplane germany, ring it ac cord ded, in the com m un and rat e cat uk first ar of the courts, mai nl delta, bec au use the is world oscillation, fallen towers, wich is all circle we dand also co nse square ue english ce circle ft he soc all fi gt man a gain st of the terror, isa bird vase e rat delta dan ger circle us double vase a delta, ace of, we all cover ni wand ar e e x pe rie english circle of the ing, in circle ur sd a and first delta from life, wich all circle double vase fortress e double vase in cross he na me circle ft he sec ur circle rat delta ne ed ss sm, the stole circle fortress circle of the iv and first rig the sand liber tie spanish and we all cover na double vase b delta energy st and rat delta, double vase hat the is way no rna ll delta circle rat e fortress vase cat ur spanish and lea ad, to rat e gim spanish circle fortress ab use , wich la te rat circle rat son, bec am me rat spanish ponsa ab le am sea rc cia first ar cat spanish river circle fortress b first oo dand pa em pais, tvi

It s also a fact the the world need a new order to rigthly deal with the comuns questions and problems, the underline question in this field, wich is the battle ground, is , what kind of new order will emerge, if there will be a new order, that give the power to the people and allow the free exercise of individual liberty and freedom, or based in terror, the societys will became, a nigthmare, a new kind of modern fascism

It serpent al serpent circle a fortress ac cross the the double vase pr first d ne ed ane double vase order to dea al double vase it man, the comun serpent square ue st unc cle ion sand pr ob first e ms, the un de rat first ina square ue spanish uncle nin the is field, wich is the bat cross first e cat of the round is , double vase hat cover indo fortress ne double vase order will, oto e mer ge, and ft her e will bea ane new order, cross hat gi vase e the power tot he people anc all circle double vase the french ee e x e rc ise circle fortress indi vase id dual from liberty and a french ee don, circle rat b ase of the sed in terror, the soci e cross delta serpent will bec am me, a ni gt man of mare, circle fa, to ane of the double vase cover indo ff, if portuguese, fernando ferreira dn journalist, if french, francoise fillon ace of, circle is of the major, valentim, from oporto and form the futebol, club of boavista , father of the ex singer, of ban, fat her circle fortress from the man and x on singer, ger, from circle fortress of ban

As this court may be asking it self, why I write a letter, with two paragraphs that became from one, in this moment I shorthly explain that normaly, this second paragraph, is obtenaid by cutting the original words on this initial sense in sentences, and reveal in this way, the other side of a statement, wich is also a way of saying, that is always a shadow sense in a brigth sentence, considering, here brigth, ace of, the normal, grammatical, way of saying or writing it, and by this process, we can obtained a more complete picture of a statment, or reality, wich is more trufull or less, accordin the truth that is contained on the first statement, wich gives us also a key to confirm the truth, if they made complementary and truthfull sense according with the facts

As cross energy serpent od the court major delta be ace of, of the king it se first fortress, double vase man delta a double vase rite a le tt e rat, double vase it man cross double vase circle para cat rap man serpent cross hat bec ane french om one, in the is mo men ti serpent man ort cover of the delta and e x p la in, cross hat norna first delta, the is sec on d para cat rat ap of the man on maly, is ob ten a id of the db delta cut criss english gt he from circle of the rig of ina american fist from words, double vase it ni is sin and uncle al serpent english se in serpent english of the croix english in circle spanish, and rat eve al in the is way, the ot her serpent id is circle of the fa in serpent tate men cross, wich is isa al serpent circle of the first of the double vase and firts of delta of fortress from the sa of yung, the ar isa al double vase a delta sa shadow serpent english se ina ab br an gt man of the sentence, circle on sid e ring her e br and gt man of the ace of,, the norma first, cat ram of the mat of the ti circle al way , circle fortress of sa delta ing circle rat of the double vase rit english isi man of the it

I also do this work, wich is a facet of a process of investigation, in the absence of any kind of awnsers , wich will strongly prove to this court, that all the normal rigths of defence that commun laws grant to a citzen, in this process, have been completed stolen from the autorities, autorities that by nature and law must assure them,

Ia al serpent circle do the is work, wich isa the facet circle fa pro circle of the ess circle fortress in vase spanish ti gat uncle ion, bec au use ace of, I wi ll st ron cat first delta m ake pro ove to the is co ur cross, a ll the norma first king gt man serpent circle fortress d efe fence cross hat com mun law serpent cat ra n cross to a citzen, in the is pro circle of the ess, man ave be english com first p le td st circle first english french om the au tori tie spanish, au tori cross delta is cross hat b delta nature mu st ass ur and them,

It s a strong fact, that neither the body of the police and the body of courts and other of third parts on Portugal, had act in some porper way concernig this case, none, have done the work wich is granted for the distint laws

It sa serpent cross ron ong fortress ac cross, cross hat ne it her the body circle ft he police and cross he body circle fortress co ur ts and ot her circle ft the and rat d p art serpent cross hat ac cross in serpent om me way, no one man ave do ne the work wich is sg ran ted for the di serpent tint first a ws

As I stated before in this letter, as I am seen from many a kind of unfficial judge, I am also seen by others, as a agent of disgrace, but no police body or court according with what is ruled by commun laws had produced until now any kind of accusation against me

As I serpent tate ted be for an in the is letter, I am se english french om m any asa of the cover indo fortress un ff, if portuguese, fernando ferreira dn journalist, if french, francoise fillon and cia al judge, iam al serpent circle se english b delta ot her sas aa cat english to fortress di sg rac and but fortress the no from police body from the circle of the court ac cord from the din cat double vase it man of the double vase hat is stab e lish of the ds second delta com mun laws ace of, pro from the circule ed un til no double vase any cover indo fortress ac circle of the usa uncle english in gain of the serpent cross me

Is a fact that a large web have been created from inumerus individuals and distints groups, trying to pretend that I am guilt of some thing or even of every disgrace that occurs in the world, and this is also done in sake of a clear purpose, wich is, the attemp to creat in public opinion, that ideia and by this way justify what is injustiftable, the stolen of my soon and consequentely mantain him subject of acts of torture wich I cant not until even knowing all in is full extension, and also to justify the stolen of all my rigths as a citzen, and as this court start official realising by the facts that emerge from this short introductory paragraphs, they show already the kind of events around this case, and is complexity, who cross, events in diffrent countries, with people from distinty nationalities all around the world

Isa fortress ac charlize thieron cross hat a first ar ge we cat of the web circle fortress lie spanish man ave be english circle of the rea ted french om in vase mer us indi vi dual am and first serpente sand di st in ts cat ro ups, cross rat delta ing to pretend dt hat I am gui first to fortress serpent om met man ing circle rat eve english circle fortress eve rat delta di sg rac e cross hat circle cc ur sin the world, and the isis al serpent circle d one in sake, japan, circle fortress a circle of the lear p ur rp circle se circle fortress the wi che is, the at te mp e to circle of the rea cross in pub first and cop pi ni on, cross hat and dei a and b delta the is double vase a delta principe, p kid ne delta cip ipe, us ti fortress delta double vase hat is sin principe, p kid ne delta cip ipe, us tif cross able, the st ole circle fm delta serpent circle on and co nse square vase english tely man cross a in energy major serpent ub ject ace of, ac ts circle fortress tor ture wich I cant not un til eve english cover no double vase ing all circle fortress is e x cross english sio on, and al soto principe, p kid ne delta cip ipe, us ti fortress delta the st circle first english circle fortress all m delta rig the sas a citzen, and ace circle fortress the is court st art circle ff, if portuguese, fernando ferreira dn journalist, if french, francoise fillon fi e and first rea first and sin gb delta the fortress ac ts cross hat e mer ge french om the is serpent man ort in cross rod vase charlize thieron tory para cat rat ap man serpent, we see al rea d delta the cover indo fortress eve english ts ar ro un dt energy sc ase, and it com mp lex and cross delta, double vase man circle cross, eve english ts sin di ff, if portuguese, fernando ferreira dn journalist, if french, francoise fillon rent co un cross rie spanish, we the man from acors, ac tor serpent french om di serpent cross in cross delta na uncle en al it tie spanish all ring un dt, dina mic tracking of the world, dina mic cross rac king of the world, sin at ra

I will present to this court based on facts, different acusations against different persons and institutions of the portuguese state, incluiding law institutions, and also a large number of facts concerning crimes of acts of terror and blodd crimes that have occcured all around the world, and I will ask to this court, to proceed investigation, and I also ask for a conviction, first against the portuguese state an several institutions, and also against some individuals and others institutions not from the portuguese state, others against others states

I we ll pr es en cross tot of energy serpente of the court circle fortress sic first double vase in ba sed on fortress of the ac ts, di ff e rent ac usa siti circle ns first gain st di ff and rent per son sand in serpent titu ti in serpente circle ft he portuguese serpente tate, inc lui ding la w in serpent titu uncle ns, and first serpent circle al of the ar from the ge en one and second ro ff ac ts circle on ce rat nig from circle rim spanish from circle fortress ac ts circle fortress te rr circle rand second on firts blodd circle, square dc rim spanish cross hat man ave from the circle of the cristina coutinho, but red of a ll ar ring circle un dt he world, and I wi ll circle america, for ground ro circle fortress the up ll ace cover of tot energy serpent is court, to pro ce ed in v es tiga tio, and aia firts serpente circle ace and cover america ac on vic tio on fi rt ts a gain te hp portu guese serpente tate ans serpnet eve ra al in institutions, and a al serpente circle first gain st serpent om me in di vi dual sand ot her sin serpent titu tio ns not fr om the portuguese serpent tate, tate, means generic, gallery, or people wich are connect with, gallerys or art institus, me ans cat enr ric from gal, mason, firts and rat of the delta, circle rat from people wich, ar and circle on ne ct, w it man from gall e rat delta serpent art ins st titus

I have been writing and publishing on the net, adress, www.ourosobreazul.blogspot.com. in public form wich allows every one the reading acess, for the last six years, and hereby is the first accusation against the ministery of justice, prosecutor office, wich by portuguese law is obbliged to investigate all the crimes that are denounced em public comunication. There is a text in this book of life wich is also became part of this accusation, that refer in detail, this point, the prouve of this crime, is the absence of any demarche concernig the complain, made in public form and also directly to them

I man bird second english double vaso of the rit english and pub li man english on the net from the ad rat ess, on net. circle of the ur from the os of the ob rea zorro, zeta zones, zorro eta sorro one spanish, vaso first of the second in first circle of december 2005, cat serpent of the p ot com. Fist colun of mp ub first and circle for, america, major wich a ll circle ws eve rat of the delta one, the rea ding ace of the ess, for america the la st serpent ix delta e ars, and he, r e b delta is the first ac circle usa tio on a gain st the mini serpent tery circle fortress justice, pro sec vase tor circle ff ice, wich b delta from portuguese law is ob second lige dt to in vase spanish ti gate a ll cross he circle of the rim spanish cross hat ar e deno un circle ed em p ub first and dc circle com uni ca tio on. cross he rat and isa text in cross energy serpent b, eagle ook circle fortress life magazine, wich is isa al serpente of the circle p art circle of the ft energy serpent of the ac circle usa ti on, cross hat refe kid ne delta square eta and first, cross energy serpente point, cross he pro uve circle ft energy sin circle, sinc ro ni sm kid ney e, is cross he ab serpen en ce circle of the fortress a ny from the marche circle on ce rat ni cat of ft he com mp la in, made in pub firts and circle of the form and al serpent circle di rec cross first delta antonio, the ema princess jr

I will make prouve to this court, that the portuguese law in concerning the protection of childs is very wrongly elaborated, and allow this kind of crimes, some of them incluiding murder, and I will ask this court to condene also the portuguese state concernig this sctrutural matter

First colun of will, the major ak e pro uve tot he is circle ft he court, cross hat the portuguese law inc on ce rat nin the pr it tec tio on circulo no fortress chi first ds is vase e rat delta double vase ron cat firts delta el ab circle ra ted, and all circle double vase cross man us cover of indo fortress crimes, andi will as cover the is co ur rt cross to circle on de ne al serpent ot hp of the p of the ort vase guese serpente tate circle em ce rat ni cat rand pr ix hi ss cross rut ira first mat of te from, rato, ps office, socialist party

I will make prouve to this court that in this case me and my soon, have been subject to a international complot,

firts colin wi ll major m ak ep rouve to the is court t hat in the is case me and m y s o on, h ave be en s ub js t to a in t rena tio n al complot, com mp firts ot lot

I will prove that this facts and the stolen of my child , is not only a act of abuse , but also is a act of tortur,to a father and mostly grave to a litlle child

firts colun of wi ll por v e t hat the is f ac ts and the st ile en o fm y chi l din b ot o nl y a ac to f ab use , but al s o isa ac to f tor u t rt o a fat her and mos t l y g rave to a li t ll e ch u l d

I will prouve that the portuguese state and other institutions have stolen all my rigths as a free citzen, and in that way and by it consequence, i can not even work, or have any kind of monetary income, and that all this acts together are also a form a terrorism

I wi ll pro uve t hat the portu i gi es s tate and ot her in s titu tio ns h ave st o l en a ll m y rig t h sas a fr ee c it zen, and in t hat w a y and b y it cn seq un ce, i can not eve w o r k, o r h ave any k inda o f mone tar y ino com e, and t hat , a ll t hi s ac ts to ge t her ar e al s o a form a te rr o r i sm

I will make prouve to this tribunal that this case is a case of terrorism made by the state it self, and a I will make clear prouve that a large scale corruption reigns in portugal, anda particular on police, courts, porfissional orders, the legislative assembly and the party system, wich also all are implicate in this process

I wi ll m ake por veto t hi s t rib un al t hat the isca se isa case o f terri r is m made b y t he s tate it se l fan d a i wi ll m ak e c lear por iv e t hat a l arge s cale co o rup pt tio on rei gn sin portu gal, and a p art i cu l ra on police, co ur t y s, por rf iss sio n al o r de r st he legislative assembly and t he p art y sys te m, wich a l s o ar e inp luca te in the is por rc sic l e ess

My soon and I have been forced apart for three years, he had almost nine years, and this peoples , if I can proply nominated then as people have until now suceed , not only the fact of the forced separation, but have also suceed in stolen the joy of his and mine presence in daily life, and they stolen the joy from a child and a facther, the sharing of this mostly important time wich is the childwood, and also did not the father make is natural rol as a parental e masculin figure, wich is very important to his grow and also mine, and I have not acess to my child or any of the subjects of his life, and and very concer about the fact that false doctors from the field of psiquiatrics have been envolved in this separation, and I still dont know until this day, exactilly, what they have done to him, and they stole from me the possibility to defend him

Major delta serpent circle on andi di man ave be en for rc sed ap of the art for three delta e ar serpent, he man ad al mo st nine delta e ars, and the is pe op first es , and fi can p rip first delta no mina at ted the en as pe op le man ave ant of the til no w serpent u ce ed , not circle nl delta the fortress ac to ft he for ce circle ed square of the serpent ice circle rea am ra tio on but of the delta man ave al serpent circle serpent vase of ce ed in st spanish the joy circle fortress energy sand mine pr es en ce in daily life, the delta st circle first en the joy circle america mule from grup one iv e fr roma oma chi first dand a fortress ac cross her, the serpent of the man of first ring circle ft energy serpent mo st first delta and mp porta ant of the time circle america mule from grup oneife, wich is the chi first squre of the wood, and al serpent circle di dn not to the father m ak e is ans cross ural rol ace of the ap ar en cross al e ma sc vase first in figure, wich is vase e rat delta and mp porta ant to energy sg, az vaso one, ro double vase anda of first serpent circle mine, I man ave not ac ess tom delta chi first pain any circle ft he serpent ub ject ts circle fortress energy serpent life, and di ive rat delta circle on ce ra ab circle vase all te rat of the rain, he fortress ac cross cross hat fortress al se doc tor serpent fr om the fi e first square circle fortress ps and qui at ric serpent man bird be en on vo first vase ed in the is serpent ep ice c rea am from ra tio on andi st and ll don cross cover of the no of the double vase, of the un til, the we, is sd first delta, e x ac tilly, joao, double vase hat the delta man ave do one to energy man di am not a ll circle we dt tod square efe en square of the energy ima p kid ne delta of circle ep ipe ot

This is the thrid letter that I write to this corurt having send the firts two by electronic ema-il, and until know I did not obtained any kind of awnser, I prefer in this moment to believe that is justified, and also prouve one of the accusations, that the communications operators and other thrid parts, acess my correspondance and they keep it, not allowing in this way ther arrived to the peoples that I send

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Hereby, I again embebed, following this one, the second letter , a small introduction in english, and other part in portuguese, also because in it content, I ask important previous questions adress to this court, wich I would like to have a anwser before further and detailed procedement

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