segunda-feira, junho 14, 2010

to all and to the representant of arabic union

oto to a ll and dt o t he r e pr es en t ant o f ar a bic union, ce da bola, penta, hexagonos

11 9 1 4 06 10


7,3 9 MB (7.7 53.5 93 b y t es)

shall i say more about the above numbers

or are we blind to read them

11, setember, nine, the one of the year 91, firts of the sqaure, qua tor do ze, durao, circulo sexto, set sex cross of the circle, 61, birthday, dez, first of the circle,

set third, 73 year of the mu l ti bn aco, o do roubo do conceito do multibanco, 77, 53, 5, g a ru, grau, 92 se g u b n dó dodo do delta cruz espanhola

( or)

how many bombs shall i see in the next weeks