sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2011

new up loads

the missing link on the video published yesterday, are already link, post under this one
dismantling the illusion, 911 and norway almost finish, and other subjects , this is a lot of information, but facts and reality present them selfes like that

also the copy of the letter from GB embassady in lisbon, and the prove of deliver to curia, european court, to mr E. Coulon, are published in the page of documents

new videos

141 e 142 already published
147 e 148 already published

quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2011

new up loads

dismantling the ilusions and catching the fukers

 more some video master up load at my channel , of a long serie, corresponde to this september, ny, norway, and many other subjects, o will up load the others in nexts days

in this segments and others to be published, the complete key in norway killing, ( pther parts already published before)

and also 9 11 



138, mainly, norway

quarta-feira, setembro 28, 2011

new post at , a conspiracy crime

As i stated in one of the videos about my tries to contact an hand deliver the letter to GB embassy here at Lisbon, ( full and contextual narrative, links on, it seens that whore terrorists at the door of the embassy

now the question, is also, and inside?!

Video account on the letter apparently coming from the embassy and some questions to GB authorities, cabinet, parliament and to all



third part of the oral "resume" about crime of torture against my soon and me, one of the reason, concerning the 9/11, also general context of child abuse in portugal, the criminal from all the political forces, and a old memory of tito, yugoslavia


domingo, setembro 18, 2011

prove of crime of torture against my soon and myself, second part,

new up loads,

136 account of the first phone call to the cabinet of mr jerzy buzek of european council

141 prove of crime of torture against my soon and myself, second part, this version mainly in portuguese, i hope do another with english sub titling
this link is the first part , of the prove of crime of torture against my soon, in english

the 135 master, published in the last post has already is link

141a 2011 09 17 - video, prove of crime of torture against my soon , second part

terça-feira, setembro 13, 2011

a open letter to the heads in europe institutions

i just send 16:53 pm, a telegram to the pr of european parlement, Mr, Jerzy Buzek, asking Help, with a link to the open letter already published at , a conspiracy crime against a soon and a father,  , where also i ask him to resend for the other menbers that are mentioned

i can send only one, because CTT charge me 19, 96 euros

a new video up load

extract of the last subjects concerning europe institutions, and some crimes

sábado, setembro 10, 2011

new videos up loads and other news

in my blog a conspiracy crime against a child and a father

in the front page, a new video, first part of the prove of crime of torture against my soon 
also published at my channel


also in the blog a conspiracy crime against a child and a father

a letter to the GB embassady here at lisbon with the request of interpol assistance

a letter that I received form the european court and my replay, letters on the page , Documents, on the blog  

and also a small up date on the page help needed

and two more segments of video, 

sobre as mentiras deste novo desgoverno e o que elas desvelam,

terça-feira, setembro 06, 2011

new page created in blog crime of international conspiracy, with the title, documents, where are the letters send to european court, jean monet center at lisbon and europol police and also two new posts on the main page  

and new videos up loads

128-up date on vodafone accusation, again the terrorists....