segunda-feira, outubro 31, 2011

new master, returnig to that image of this soap, in the day of the republic, 5 october, 
and subsequently to the expo time, and simone, simoneta, recent lines, in others masters already publish

two up dates at blogs of this conspiracy crime

one, if true, the outrageus confission of the crime trough montalegre finances

and a accusation against ex ps minister of finances in english version

segunda-feira, outubro 24, 2011

new child blog a conspiracy crime


where will be the accusations against individuals that are in this crime of international conspiracy

this is the opening text

Wanted life or ….

I remember when I was a little child to read the comic books of lucky luke, and many times, we saw postcards like the old wild American west, with the bandits and outlaw faces and a reward for the capture, normally they had all the same title, wanted , life or dead and them the amount, that we expected to be proportional to the crimes, like sentences

this lasts years, a new version appears, the cards game printed in America after the 911
here in portugal and hoping also in europe, we don’t have dead penalty any more, then after life or, came three points

luke luke, the man who shoot more quickly than his own shadow, or the shadow generally speaking, had a archenemy, tira linhas, the one who stole the lines, and was I notice once at book of life ourosobreazul, is very similar to the bandit and corrupt cavaco silva, who seems to be the president of this corrupt republic, a man who is also implicated on the crime of abuse torture and stole of my soon

within this address, 1-cc, child’s blog of, a conspiracy crime against a soon and a father, will by the place to crime accusations against individuals

in the first page of this blog will be the place to public inquiries, that will start to one to the lady that his now the president of portuguese parliament

to all
to the European court
to all authorities

under or above, the crime and the criminals

new posts at a conspiracy crime

three new videos post at the main page of the blog a conspiracy crime

new master

This master, 155 M edit on 12 10 2011 is the master that fallow the last one, here published, here

account between day 5 and 8 of October

summary, again a attempt to murder me, letter to the terrorist of state, finances montalegre, the image of the bandits at the day of republic, 5, in dn cover, steve job, continuing conversation with him, the crime of changing the contend of my works, master mind apple, image at the internet coffee, teeth s, beast, murders genocide, climacteric changes

commentary in the image of the state bandits at 5 of October, connection expo time, simoneta luz afonso, icep, another robber, the book of that project, the same process of erasin evidences, hospital, registry of birth of francisco, simoneta, vera adao silva

steve job, google applications, robbers, image of fmi, vodafone, 66, 99, antonio costa, expo,

comment to mr jerky Ec, lines around the image of poul fmi, hammer, killing norway, the end of a illusion, the image of the sacrific of the lamb, child, some details in one of my book, magic bus, the lady at vip, a dead in acores,

sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2011

quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2011

account on a new try to contact with mr jerky buzek cabinet

account on a new try to contact with mr jerky buzek cabinet
new video post on aconspiracycrime, main page

There is a labyrinth at EC parliament

Is like a black hole

Must I assume that at least in the cabinet of the president of European parliament, Mr jerky buzek, they have decided to not answer even my calls

however as proved by the events it self, a crime was committed
this is the account of my yesterday tries to contact again the cabinet

today the international association of criminals have succeed to make me run out of my telephone credit, one hour phone with pt to obtain the official address of Italy, Luxembourg and France pm, at least one false

more a week, and in practical terms, nothing other than this crime going on
all this confirm ans more sustain the prove of a international conspiracy against a child and a father

what peoples are this, who don t have a heart to help a father that is fighting for is soon for this last years

terça-feira, outubro 18, 2011

new updates on a conspiracy crime

publish the copys of the false psychiactric reports on my son as instrument of his robber
video about the crime at european court on main page
crime complain to prosecutor of luxembourg, france and italy

segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2011

new video post at aconspiracycrime

at conspiracy crime

new video up dates

158, complain to luxemburg police
159 a call to interpol, avez vous une pistole
160  a new crime of the terrorists at EC, call to gianmarco addimando
161 inquiry to marco, family name web page from the cabinet of francesco speroni

segunda-feira, outubro 10, 2011

a new false letter from european court, curia and other subjects

it seems that the terrorists send a second false letter  ..... read more at


in the page outros elementos do labirinto, in this blog, a old text where appears among many others subjects a vision connected with bpi, that arise also in jean monet  videos account and other connections with , namely, the killing in norvay, and origamis and japan


quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2011

crime of conspiracy and persecution trough finances on my new blog

recent acts of persecution against me

trough the Portuguese state, in this case, trough finances

This is one of the facets of this constant crime they do against me all my life.
They use in a criminal manner the state, to persecute whom the elected to destroy.
This is a prove of this facet of this crime
This prove how political, abuse of the political powers they have by the people, to commit crimes
This is also a prove of the immense corruption in this country

because this kind of crimes against me, are done in portugal, a created a child blog of this one, aconspiracycrime, where I will gave the detail account on this constants crimes in many fields

the new blog, have the same name with,2, at the end of the name,
read more, here on the new blog