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sum of the post of today and yesterday

diary of conspiracy at european criminal court
video sum

accusation of torture

junker and berlusconi, image echos at media where in portugal 
, another s detail after in fallowing video masters

inside crimes, 

sum of accusation against portuguese state institutions, and prove, that, this crime is a crime of state conspiracy against two citizens


words for my son francisco
account of the robber

blog help, other news

ouro sobre azul, other s up dates

word for francisco


egg of water, two key image concerning the video

already publish a garra das ondas, key on 2011 11 14 poesie surrealiste, rossio, site,
i had comment this in oral mode in the recent masters also alread publish

note on video 202 E 21 11 2011, here in this blog publish

write at 21 day of this month, this text don t have correction, to all see the others meanings

imagine, wich is an act that you even have not to do, also because we are dealing, here, with a crime and murders, that assunçao, is not a very common name in portuguese names, whoever, there two now under the lights of this soap that is represent by so call politicians, and imagine also, how convenient, that two lady’s are connected with the political powers , one, this criminal one, assunçao esteves, head of portuguese parliament, house of the transversal criminal agreements between all the party’s, and the other , assunçao cristas, minister of this so call actual government

dont imagine, becasuse indeed you all dont need to do it, that in the upper of this newspaper there is a symbol, that is very close on purpose to evoke another one, the one made by this sculptor and painting, that is also around the table again, jose de guimaraes, see line of tsunami march japan, and also expo 98 time, the symbol that I animated at the end of the video on line, waters time, documentary on expo,. And remenber that botton line of this we are speaking, if propely to stat in this way, about tsunami 2005 and perhaps half million deaths, the hisgesth numebr knowed connected with this provoked disgrace

( bec use rem en ber, pro rop pe l y, 2005, hi is sg est man nume br know ed)

imagine also that esteves, the family name of the first assunçao, is also the name of one of the bandits at rtp, rui esteves, of the same group of another just came now again, simas, and also a very well know personage made by herman jose, the officila tv comic here, that is very similar to another apparently real personage, that also jsuta appear on another line of this soap, coming from amnerica in the visist of two other official bandits , cavco and portas, as I comment before, that strange line, where the bandits mor, cavaco, apparently in a anwseer sayed, that he will not forget a old story about twenty years ago, mot expressly account, but the image show at that momment, one, that apparentl is a a portguses entrepeneur that live is states for many years, that I also had comment before in other lines of this same image, like he was teeling the truth about some old crimes, and his image is very similar to herman jose

imagine that the other assunçao, cristas, which in portgual also means, the upper part of the head of chickens and rooster, also appears last week, in tv, with images that also evoke in a very clear way and consequently purpose, that timer, expo, and of course, tsunami 2005

and see the images at telejornal channel one rtp, public television, where the second one, appears in this constant mental diseases apparently speaking of buying a new old robot, tho explore the portguese seas, a robot with an arm, that we see taking rocks and see behind at the bootton of the sea,

this images are also a mirror, of anotheres concerning the time of expo, and namelly the documentary that I had done at that time, wich mingle also another image in the kinf, asdtrolabio,. A tv porducer here at alcantara, where in a certain mornig decripited in book of life, a very starnge morning with many in a concience state of mind, a very strange parfum, came from a tv camar man at astrolabio

then seems also this two bandisos state are in a kind of discussion, about the directions, of tsunami, partys art boats, or ebven masks of anothers instruments that give directions to people, if one
saying the second, that this ladys , of the time of one pass at the expo, whore chickens from the another assunçao, or ass un sao dog

(cross en man se, e ms also, estes dois bandidos, band, andi, iso ser o ente, familiar, from the state, in first kin of discussion, eb v en mask s o fan ano cross her serpente instrumentsm, medical, if one, s us kin fist one, )

as the court can see this is the way thay mnass murders, seems to try to veil in public opinion the crimes that they are aware and even some times, cover, wich buy the law make them at least accomplishes

diary of the crimes at curia

new page with up today date 

accusation against portguese state institutions

also up date
parliament, send accusation by post
minister of justice, public inquiry before accusation
and sum of the accusation in this facet of this crime of conspiracy

To the criminal european court

sum of the accusation against the portuguese state institutions

in this point, the accusation, claim, that the prove done of the criminal behavior of the fallowing portuguese state institutions , the general attorney of the portuguese republic, pgr, and the criminal investigation department, diap, the constitutional and supreme court, the presidency of the republic, and the parliament, sustain and prove in all, that this crime against a child, my soon, and against a father, me, is also a state conspiracy, and consequently also a crime against the state of law it self, that all the political forces have an agreement and act together in this crime covering by this ways many others crimes and of course some murders

this prove very clear why the need of the intervention of criminal european court, as a stat on the first letter that I send to this court on 8 of July this year, and like many others for others judicial and judiciary institutions, did not have any answer until this day

tell me sirs, what justice is this one in europe!

read more at...  


second part of the accusation crime of torture against my child and me

in this link, also a new page , documents of support, concerning this second part of this accusation

again the terrorists have change the copys of the false reports of the bandit and child molester helena sequeira, i will put them on order soon

also the prove that the medics order of portugal is aware of this crime and consequently part of it


curia, sum, prove again of a world conspiracy crime

the strange talk, and perhaps false conversation that are publish here with apparently the european criminal court, and madame standart, wich seems by what i show where, also a active part of this conspiracy

This is a crime!

This is a crime against a child
This is a crime against a father

This are many crimes against all humankind

inside crime on software, up date

also in the child blog of a conspiracy crime, with the name , inside crimes

prove send criminal complain against pt parliament pr and actual minister of justice

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diary of crimes at the european criminal court

a new page with all the steps in a diary time line , only about Curia


213 M

212 M

211 M

210 M

209 M

208 M

207 M

206 M

206 M


english version of the complain that i m trying to present the Curia, european criminal court since the day 6 of july this year

expedite actions?
expedite actions of justice?

or criminals as prove by all the process until now and the absence of anwsers, that also prove this is a world crime of conspiracy

...because I bring my small child stolen and abuse for this last six years and any authorities judiciary , judicial, politics and from all the orders that are involved in this crime for all this time, anyone without any exception, gave me at least a answer, and all have deny me the right to claim and defend.....


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prove of crime of illegal entrance at my home and sum to curia

follow up on the criminal accusation against pt parliament and president assunçao esteves

see people of the world, how this bandits reign in total impunity, and how they treat citizens that have soons and all robber for six years, after had publish here a criminal complain against that lady, that was the anwser on the cover of news paper yesterday

say apparently the lady, very smiling as always, that if there is a political conspiracy the markets give in,
indeed marvelous words,as I comment in portuguese  

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sábado, novembro 19, 2011

news master

also in the blog,  coins and correlative , now with four videos on this matter that is also a crime


in sequential order concerning the lasts here also under publish





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To all, to european parliament, to all parliamentary, to the president of european parliament

three thousand
more around

the best cream
of all

we citizens

and protect
sixteen millions of souls

there none with an heart
there none who act in justice
there none who act according the

The humans rights
The rights of Child’s

must I
and all

Then I All You
must ask

do you battle
in name of what

what interests
in a collective way

you all
don’t answer a child and a father
and assure them
the justice
that is missing
for so long

who is making a wall
in european institutions

who is making a wall
in european court

why crimes had already arise
why You did not even answer them



brave warriors
of the construction

is the option
of whom
burn the bridges
of justice
the peace

may the price
be know
for all

2, part, a non lesson about economy finances and taxes, and also a criminal accusation, 2 part

200 E 17 11 2011 synopsis

spoken in portuguese and english, this video, is also a continuation of this non lesson about economy finances and taxes, and also a criminal accusation against the so call actual finances minister and for the rule of co responsibility of acts of government, extended to all cabinet

there as a crime more or less to weeks ago made in my house, with pipes, and waters that has also been mirror in many ways in medias trough this one, who seems to be the actual finances minister, who all see in videos that are not until now publish, reference, joe the plumber

this , scene, which is a constant facet of this continuous crime, of illusion made in opinion public trough all kind of medias, of course is connected with the tsunami 2005, and for this reason is a very serious matter

in this video in portuguese and for this reason I advise all the authorities to translate, a public inquiry about this veils, and crimes behind

I also inquiry him as finances minister, why until now, the last crime they had committed against me trough finances that is proved in the blog, did not had a answer from him, this show to the court the degree of criminal complicity of this man, this a criminal complain to the european criminal court, concerning this facet of this crime of conspiracy, the constant crime of persecution trough state institutions, namelly finances

to publish also at persecution trough finances blog and main conspiracy, with a a note

the other parts of this conversation, a non economy lesson, are where at the blog ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, for whom may be interested

a public inquiry to FMI, to all, and a non economic lesson

< br />

199 E 17 11 2011, synopsis
a public inquiry to FMI, to all, and a non economic lesson

third pearl to NY

198 E 16 11 20 11 or, the first of the angle in nineteen, nini, eigth, expo time, E, taxi, old, December, eleven vinten, vin ten, asi inte en, of the eleven of December

comment about a new relation that appear on my conscience, fallowing the image about the egg of waters and the “ support fixation “ at the official portuguese pavilion, simoneta luz afonso, and the the concert house, ocean pavilion

the image in this comment speaks about a cross, child abuse, a pregnancy, and perhaps and abortion

the other image, that I show here in this video, have the fallowing key, linguini, milaneza, mikado, or a kind or stick of woods, that a certain point had fall

lin, ing gui ni, milan, italia, lan ane za mi kado, cado, br, kapa ad of the ado, the movement

there also a synchronicity around the manifestation of this images trough the pasta, wich means also , money, because it arise at the moment of translation of the accusation against the constitutional court, first part, yesterday publish here, where is a reference to a certain painting at the raton palace, which means the biggest rat, one made in charcoal , that is a reference that appears many time on book of life , as all know

two news blogs created today


Coins and correlative

new blog today, 17 11 2011, created

where I will try to put different information connected with coins and correlative, which means, finances, economy and production fields and some criminals accusations, because as many knows, paradise is a kind of apple with some germs inside

publish 199 E 17 11 2011 and 200 E 17 11 2011

try to get and also publish , providencia cautelar against agreement done by last portuguese government and fmi


conspiracy crime, inside crimes,

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ove letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament send today by email

new post on conspiracy crime
criminal accusation againt pt parliament
against constitucional court, firts part 
a new video, a kiss to you

and this love letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament
send today by email

To the president of European parliament
to all the parliamentary
to all

sweet dears representatives
can y and all understand
why until now
i did not receive any answer
from none of you

i m sending this link
because as you all can see
seems that representation
here or there
is based on the same treatment

do you think this legal arguments
are also applier in the case of the presidency cabinet
at EC

in the absence of an answer
in the deny of help and justice
for a child and a father
that are European citizens

equal treatment
there is not us and you
is this only a kind of love fusion
that normally we use in the bed of love with our lover

I m think, that i had already listen some kind of similar
philosophical and transcend declaration
i m asking myself

whoever even trying to kill me all the days
I m still alive
I would like to have a replay from you all

the link with seems the same you and us
or something in the genre

paulo forte
16 11 2011

send by email to the cabinet of the presidency of European parliament

in the middle of a conspiracy is good always to kiss you a lot

16 11 2011
104 poesie surrealiste
l amour
toujour l amour

the sound track os this video was recovered , because the terrorists had erase many oi my videos, and i edit again with original footage, i suppose there also a more or less old key at the end in the fountain of rossio, by the hand of a child, perhaps, part of that big encenation at that time in lisbon, as i gave the account 

crime complain against the PT constitucional court, first part

when I finish the conversation at lady teresa almeida garret cabinet we both stand up, the lady walk with me trough the labyrinth, in the wall there was the draw, the draw that appears constant behind the gentleman’s, i stooped her for a moment and say to her, have you already notice how this image is an illustration of what happen in this house and in the field of justice in portugal, what seems to be a painting, a grey slate full of ashes with many white strokes, without any dot of escape, without harmony or balance, is an image that speak about the real, she replay to me, I will start looking for it in another way, now that you show me

read more at    http://2-cc.blogspot.com/2011/11/accusation-against-portuguese.html

six , fifty nine am, the day is already born, when i write chaos in english in this translation, i had write as caos, wich means dogs, the corrector of openoffice, or a script made express, show to me this song that seems rhime in a way with the so simbolical name of this palace where is the constitucional court, rato, big rat, big from socialist party, or even related with this paint os chalk strokes, that say dog os tea, chaos, a kind of a 666 group, ca , wich means here or ka, ps, cos, cia os capos, ot the can seprent of the cats car, dancers, co of the os ca, ad dc, circle it rat, ps, english mason, cam, gulbenkian, serpent cabs , taxi, cais, joker group, ka ws la os cam bo já from cds house, the ex lady of paulo portas, davos falos rios, north pt, bridges , ph of the firts os bar of the ra raton, rta, ra, pala cio, pala , athens heat

can a independent police verif if this is the natural order of words that are suggest in the word corrector of this program in english language when he graph chaos as caos, dogs in portuguese, comboios, br roi,
see the photo that I take it the word sequence of the corrector

crime complain at curia against pt parliament

This is a criminal complain at european criminal court curia, against the actual portuguese parliament and his president, assunçao esteves, member of the so call social democratic party, against the ex parliament president, jaime gama, against the ex and the actual president of the first parliament commission, and against all heads of all the political groups that had and have political representation at the parliament this two last legislatures

segunda-feira, novembro 14, 2011

This is a criminal accusation against the public ministery of justice , the PGR and the DIAP

This a criminal accusation against the judiciary and judicial of the portuguese justice state institutions

This is a criminal accusation against the public ministery of justice , the PGR and the DIAP

This is also a criminal accusation against individual due the function they carry on this fields

After being at the PGR a few times try to understand why they did not answer me to the write complains that I present to them, I received this email from the PGR at the date, 06 06 2008 9:23, they reference 6039/2008- L EXP, address in my name, where an assessor, emilio sampaio correia, signs in name of the director of the cabinet of the PGR, portuguese public prosecutor, replay that he have the honor to inform me, that the letter that a send to them with the complain, PGR, with the date of 4 march 2008, was redirect to lady director of DIAP, research and criminal investigation of Lisbon


a new crime at portuguese parliament presidency

published yesterday and today, the accusation on this link


nem master 165 17 10 2011

new video master 164 M 17 10 2011

quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2011

new video master 163 M 16 10 2011

new video master 162 M 10 2011

prove of the envoy of crime complain to luxemburg PM

i send the  letter  today  by post, which is a formal crime complain, in the absence of any replay from the Luxembourg embassy here at Lisbon,

in this link, the account of that contact at 21 10 2011


the complain is already here published as a crime complain to the geral prosecutor of Luxembourg at the day 18 10 2011, and also any replay until this moment
in this link

criminal accusation against the presidency of portuguese parliament

here in this link


quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2011

a new crime at the portuguese parliament

two sinconicitys with last videos statement. egg of waters

the first one, was sunday at oilivais, in tv, i saw and just saw, a  pub spot, where at a certain moment, a egg, fall and made de others fall, seems shampo or sometinhg in the kind
the sense seems pointing by this image it self, for the balls of newton, or action and reaction, which maens also ab c reactions, then a face lady

the second one, today in the upper, of the cover of dn, it seens that at ericeira, that corresponde to old lines in this blog and recent, not already publish, connected with the stol of my soon, a man catch the most big wave, 20 meters, the photo, you all can see on line,

also a revised version of the text of the accusation against suprem court, noronha do nascimento and superior council of magistracy, publish at the some place, where at this link


terça-feira, novembro 08, 2011

new posts

at conspiracy blog,

Accusation against the judge president of the portuguese supreme court, noronha de nascimento, at theEuropean criminal court of justice

Accusation against the superior councilof magistracy of portuguese supreme court, at the European criminalcourt of justice

and also another video pearl to NY link when ready the up load, because they just fuck it in the middle

sexta-feira, novembro 04, 2011

news posts at a conspiracycrime, main blog

also news posts at a conspiracycrime, main blog

accusation crime of torture against my soon

in the new child blog accusation on crime of torture and abuse
where all the documents concerning this dark facet of this crime are also together

accusation against teixeira e socrates, a sincro after the publish of the first part of the accusation

accusation against vara and greece comment

this video will be publish at a conspiracy crime, accusatiio against individuals

a pearl to NY, fall of the towers, the mirror image

just a pearl to NY and to all
about the towers

as i write about th last pearl where publish, just a pearl to japan, means , also, just,model agency, the firts pearl from japan, 

this is in hd, perhaps i will publish another extract before the masters where this part is included

the egg of the waters, simoneta, expo 98, 5 of october image

publication video , E 190
and small text, egg of waters , expo 98 time
wich menas, E 190, taxi, porto, mercedes, alemanha, sm a11 tex, of the cross egg of waters, placenta

Returning to the egg of water s
wich seens speak abou the tsunami of 2005

and precisly to the recent image comment on video, around this photo of the officila celebration of this dfay of republic implementation, in the cover of dn news paper,
approched at least in two parts, specialy in the last one with the part of thsio conversation with simon tea luz afonso
the he ad of pao rt u gal pav il lion at expo time and also head of the ladys group bandits an perhaps also masons

thunder in this pre cily point of this writing, 2:35 am 03 11 2011

today at lunch time, a thunder , in the dream, the image told, an oldbullet from manuel amaro and ines mendes, costa da caparica, or equivalent, a house with a box of letters in a post, with a strange mecanism of looker, santos, gare of the train, a musical band, a guita player, that seems manuel, morangos with sugar, tvi series the he directed, a band, a theme about a complain on school conditions, the silver, connected the yellow, like a bic black

Addenda on throne id, 187 E , publish here day 02 11 2011

Addenda concerning the comment on video on throne id, 187 E , publish here day 02 11 2011

in the comment I speak about that region of the city of Lisbon which is call , zona oriental, oriental region, today including the urbanization that arise on expo 98

there are a few references of lectures around this region during this last years that are comment in detail in book of life

one arise recently again, the image of big sculpture of jose guimaraes, the sculptor connected with japan by reasons of work, as I know, a crack under is name at the bottom of that sculpture and a big mosquito that was there and fallowing in front at a bpi banks dependence at expo, at the same time of this reading, near the sculpture the seagull show me and told a story connected with a city in the other side of the river, with a perfume of child abuse, others elements whore read at that time, in the harbor around, and the mud, that is also a signature of he second tsunami, after the big one, 2005.

as the same symbolical image of mud I find after at vodafone installations in expo, this other of child abuse, also had a certain narrated point, a connection with some one that apparently is connected with the towers of pingo doce at olivais, that also connected after japan, by a commentary, sound telephones and symbolical movements, them code and waves in a certain way, that is part of this large sequence of videos

yesterday during the write of the part of the text publish with the video, also arise by memory, other image, and the connection in my mind was this figure, or, and id that appears connected with the throne id, NY, fall of the towers, because I remember, also a reading at more or less the same time, in a wall of the interior old street already nearby the santa apolonia station, railroad station, a wall that is in front at a new car bridge, and as I remark, is a kind of church college institutions, where a read 666, and a reference to Germany in a way, this is also in book of life, church institutions was also recent referred in lines of crimes of child abuse, that seems be a kind of constant line connecting all this, which points to the process of crimes and way to do disgraces

them we have the old factory of guns, braço de prata, arm of silver, that is also quoted in book of life
one of the lines that arise now in this writing, is a line that came from the dialogue with the figure of uma truman in the 911 this year register in video, at the moment I m seeing the news papers covers, the new sens, or amplified sense of this line, is when I say, something in this kind, normally when we kiss, the world moves, and this is visual reenforce by the movement of the pub, other curious sentence in that moment, is, them poetry came, and even planes go against stars, that by the reason of it self, as a love poem talk, is rich in symbolical meanings

this movement, up and down, connected in my memory to a line also in book of life, about a real scene in braço de prata at a big party of fragil, lux, with an lift, and I know that some thing was done at that party against myself, as another incident, or attempt of murder after , or before, show to me, all this is also present in the comment about this year party of lux, and Egyptian murders, that also arise again in this time sequence

other image that came to my mind, is a perfume of another connection, the Norway killing, because the figure of the elm, already explain in video, and another image, a painting of lima de freitas, martyrdom de santa auta, if a remember well the name, a nocturne scene, in the convent of Madre Deus, in beato, a region in this region also, the connections is the arrows

more strange is another connection that make sens by this image, the martyrdom of my grand mother, in the old big family house at tarouca that was gave at a certain point by the family to a institution also connected with the church, misiricordia, because recent I have again quoted a origami, in the line o japan, and a remember one of my childhood, a yellow one, with red square eyes, if a remember well, that in the last time I saw it, has a missing feet, like the gangrene that my beloved grand mother Virginia had before dying in the leg, which means that some one have done some kind of art trough this object, now I m sure about it.

There also a museum nearby, the azulejos, which recall this last lines about simoneta luz afonso

throne id, also connected to a movie, an a new version that appears also recently here in pub in underground, that I think by memory had done a quickly analysis in some of visual elements in the suits

concerning the last master publish ,186 M 31 10 2011, I made a reference to a sentence that I heard in spirit, that Salazar and a lady had disposal a scenario that had carry to tragedy, the sense or meaning that occurs to me at first, the one that is the comment it self, was something connected with a car accident, that is what I had by oil put in the road in the curve of that road, in the beginning of the old military installations of braço de prata, but after also came to me that is also possibly a reference to jf Kennedy assassination

more strange is the fact that with that car I had two crash provoked by others, the first by a lady at chelas, against a waist disposal in concrete, the other against the black metal door, of the braço de prata old factory, who is nearby the place where after this sculpture of jose guimaraes was put in time of expo 98

there was a Salazar, boy , that work in scenarios in Latina Europa, and Salazar, also decline in Sala, which means group of RR, the radio station of church, and Sala, also rtp, which means this group or by the command of this group, there is also some readings about other killings in the world in olivais where the name of Sala, first appears, which means , people that try to kill me from the time of high school, in olivais,
( RR, wich menas, the ace man of RR of the marias from RR)

the other reference is the one that I gave in the video, Salazar from dead can dance, which declines, de can fr om dead, which seems say, the fr om of the can of the death dance at DE

quarta-feira, novembro 02, 2011

Dear s
sweet representatives of something, I m sure,
bureaucrats, bandits and terrorists

is very nice to think and state about the common reforms if we are first of all common in a way
perhaps, first of all because all we have a human heart
sometimes even a head that seems be the house of conscience
and not only the support of the woman’s beautiful hair

as a child
I like very much to inquiry you all
for instance

why there is not a justice system at European level
laws and rule arise because I m not alone in the world
it s then very strange
that a common project
whatever its is aims and formulation
seems had forget
that basic human need and condition
in whatever common spaces
we may consider

when there s no law and justice body s
came always bang bang

and things like robber s and even many crimes like genocide
and even the pieces that we carry in pockets seems some times be absent
perhaps this danger water s at EC institutions had a kind of Alzheimer

however I send to all you dears, representatives of political houses in European parliament
a SOS letter, because among many crimes, there s a constant attempt of murder against me

mr marco from the HTML family,
that I presume be also a political family
replay to me that you all receive tons of letters by day, even electronic ones

however I m always very glad to receive constant letters from my beloved one
because is a prove of love

of course it seems them
that the mean of the word


have distinct and even opposite

in the absence of a common law and normal and expected body s of justice
do not mistake with political body s team
that aim s good brain massages
that arouse after
by the law of the nature of the bees
good actions

I ask you all, that as representatives came also by each of the country’s that agree on a common project, if there is one, with a distinct law, that don’t consecrate the common principle, that, if we are aware of a crime, namely a attempt of murder against some one, we must intervene, and if we do not, some time we can be also had criminal charges

this is important to understand if according to each country s laws, a citizen in this circumstance can make a criminal accusation against the ones that act in this way, better saying and writing, do not act

of course, that common spaces, projects, or whatever it is and imply more them one together, are always and must always be build and ruled in the principle of equality of duty s and rights between all parts, or individuals because, common is only possible by the reason, that mans are all from the same family, of course bees included

some times this have another name, in the language of mans, at least,
human rights

that I suppose are granted on foundations of laws

I have send the SOS letter in the day 13 of September
I have also the prove that each one of you had received
but I still waiting for a replay

of course I m a very rich man
by love
my free time
trying to

paulo forte

02 11 2011

Dear lady Assunção Esteves,

president of the portuguese parliament

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of this complex crime of international conspiracy against me and my soon

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of the crimes against law that whore also committed in this parliament until this day for the last years

can you then answer me, do you still in the way of the bandits and child molesters or not

do you will fulfill the law and the rights that are granted to citizens, or may I assume that this new president will act as normally bandits and outlaws act

paulo forte

02 11 2011

receive of the envoy in the embebed e mail of portuguese parliament

187 E 02 11 2011

as all know, this is immense puzzle,
for this reason some times
I rather prefer to do “ extracts”,
that are identify with the letter E,
fallow the sequential number.

The masters had now the letter, M, fallowing the number of id

I had encoded this one, because, a remark that the terrorists had again erase some originals, and I was special concerning with this one, who have the throne id, as I mentioned in the last master publish, the 186 M, when again I return to the image of the bandits news paper, dn on 5 of October, that had lead me again to the time of expo, and subsequently to the key of the tsunami of 2005

the symbol of the throne, as I comment before, is a visual correspondence one of the symbols that arise in the dust and the towers in they fall at 2001, and his comment many times in its distinct facets and what I discover they mean

as I noted and publish many time ago, during the fall in the dust, some “ figures” appears
as I stated before, this figures and his symbolical value seems be the key to understand what is behind this tragedy

in the analysis of the fall of the towers in NY, I isolated the figures in the frames of the tv material that we all know, because they had been aired that day, and a publish this frames

by memory, because as you all know, I m not on line for some while by the constants crimes internet providers do, there was at least six figures

the eye of the beast of fire, or the fire of the beast

a throne, that also mirrors the plant of a specific house here in Lisbon

a very big baby, between a baby and a kind of monster that appears on this throne, and what I had call the umbilical cord or a spray of blood

a woman with long curl hair that seems a African or Latin African type that stands at the side of the throne

a monster that arise after the fall

and a dog

understating the event as a sequence as it is, the figures means also a drama connection that is show in the fall it self

I had approach already during this long analysis what can be the relation, unveil drama, that the figures show, and as also I stated long time ago when we get a certitude on the drama, them is more ease to identify the figures, that figure humans, and human actions

in this extract, now publish, a show to all the appearance here at my place of the figure of this throne and a id that I had read on it

also in this extract, a complementary piece of id connected also with the fall of the towers, appears

( you must see the master where in a certain way, by the carpet and the red sofa that I call in symbolical way, the roma, Italy, wings, to get the context of this mirror line)

this complementary id, appears fallowing the image that I had also analysis, this year in the 9 11 from NY with the two presidency couples

in this extract there is a new element concerning this subject, which is a angle between two red falos, is the image of another similar one, that was also some old references in the book of life, another chaise long that is reflected in a photo magazine, which here, seems acquire the sense of a stick of billiard that put the ball moving, and the ball, shows euro cup 2004 and a symbol that is also present, in a photo of my self, with a video camera, which sens is also analysis in this last segments as you all will see, that points, sines and the time of that house, that reflects the towers in they fall

in the narration, in this video hereby publish, there is a confusion between names of streets concerning the places where my company Latina Europa have been trough the years, as always I say, all the mistakes in any kind of language are always signification and significant

the installations whore is this order, street actor joao rosa, street calçada do cardeal, street diogo do couto, and finally street do borja, where I m now

this also state, some one from the street, or place, or group, of an rose actor, from the shoes, or someone of had put the shoes, in one, lady I presume, of the cardeal, cardinal, church, or a kind of church, kim, from the group of the diogo, name, of the couto, also a name and also a name of a old teethes past

diogo is a name of one of the cds, that appears also in this sequence of analysis, couto, is the name of one fucker of icep, also in this time line, by the expo time, and the tsunami, church, as catholic church, that have the patriarch in that neighborhood, Sé, kim, as nickname of cristina coutinho

couto also has as meanings detailed in the book of life, with, a pub spot of old times, and teethes is a kind of constant line around this subjects of genocide

in this video, one of the start point of the research about the id of the throne is davorka, a name, which is a recent reference that appears in this last series of video segments

davorka, means mounting two big trees, two columns of the temple, or two towers, tervuren, Belgium, Fleming , lac, big rose swans, woods, a king crypt

I decline also davorka, in davo, group davo, ka, Egyptian word, and also in portuguese, where, in sum, the rat of the davos group where in portugal, rat also means connection with socialists

the symbol image, from where came this id of the throne, also sums ps, connected with rtp, public television, rose square, the bull,or a bull of that square and points in time, end of eighteens, a co production tv series that we made, me and antonio saraiva, with spain and italy before mounting the company, Latina Europa