terça-feira, novembro 29, 2011

accusation against portguese state institutions

also up date
parliament, send accusation by post
minister of justice, public inquiry before accusation
and sum of the accusation in this facet of this crime of conspiracy

To the criminal european court

sum of the accusation against the portuguese state institutions

in this point, the accusation, claim, that the prove done of the criminal behavior of the fallowing portuguese state institutions , the general attorney of the portuguese republic, pgr, and the criminal investigation department, diap, the constitutional and supreme court, the presidency of the republic, and the parliament, sustain and prove in all, that this crime against a child, my soon, and against a father, me, is also a state conspiracy, and consequently also a crime against the state of law it self, that all the political forces have an agreement and act together in this crime covering by this ways many others crimes and of course some murders

this prove very clear why the need of the intervention of criminal european court, as a stat on the first letter that I send to this court on 8 of July this year, and like many others for others judicial and judiciary institutions, did not have any answer until this day

tell me sirs, what justice is this one in europe!

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