quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2011

crime complain against the PT constitucional court, first part

when I finish the conversation at lady teresa almeida garret cabinet we both stand up, the lady walk with me trough the labyrinth, in the wall there was the draw, the draw that appears constant behind the gentleman’s, i stooped her for a moment and say to her, have you already notice how this image is an illustration of what happen in this house and in the field of justice in portugal, what seems to be a painting, a grey slate full of ashes with many white strokes, without any dot of escape, without harmony or balance, is an image that speak about the real, she replay to me, I will start looking for it in another way, now that you show me

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six , fifty nine am, the day is already born, when i write chaos in english in this translation, i had write as caos, wich means dogs, the corrector of openoffice, or a script made express, show to me this song that seems rhime in a way with the so simbolical name of this palace where is the constitucional court, rato, big rat, big from socialist party, or even related with this paint os chalk strokes, that say dog os tea, chaos, a kind of a 666 group, ca , wich means here or ka, ps, cos, cia os capos, ot the can seprent of the cats car, dancers, co of the os ca, ad dc, circle it rat, ps, english mason, cam, gulbenkian, serpent cabs , taxi, cais, joker group, ka ws la os cam bo já from cds house, the ex lady of paulo portas, davos falos rios, north pt, bridges , ph of the firts os bar of the ra raton, rta, ra, pala cio, pala , athens heat

can a independent police verif if this is the natural order of words that are suggest in the word corrector of this program in english language when he graph chaos as caos, dogs in portuguese, comboios, br roi,
see the photo that I take it the word sequence of the corrector

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