sexta-feira, novembro 04, 2011

the egg of the waters, simoneta, expo 98, 5 of october image

publication video , E 190
and small text, egg of waters , expo 98 time
wich menas, E 190, taxi, porto, mercedes, alemanha, sm a11 tex, of the cross egg of waters, placenta

Returning to the egg of water s
wich seens speak abou the tsunami of 2005

and precisly to the recent image comment on video, around this photo of the officila celebration of this dfay of republic implementation, in the cover of dn news paper,
approched at least in two parts, specialy in the last one with the part of thsio conversation with simon tea luz afonso
the he ad of pao rt u gal pav il lion at expo time and also head of the ladys group bandits an perhaps also masons

thunder in this pre cily point of this writing, 2:35 am 03 11 2011

today at lunch time, a thunder , in the dream, the image told, an oldbullet from manuel amaro and ines mendes, costa da caparica, or equivalent, a house with a box of letters in a post, with a strange mecanism of looker, santos, gare of the train, a musical band, a guita player, that seems manuel, morangos with sugar, tvi series the he directed, a band, a theme about a complain on school conditions, the silver, connected the yellow, like a bic black

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