quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2011

ove letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament send today by email

new post on conspiracy crime
criminal accusation againt pt parliament
against constitucional court, firts part 
a new video, a kiss to you

and this love letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament
send today by email

To the president of European parliament
to all the parliamentary
to all

sweet dears representatives
can y and all understand
why until now
i did not receive any answer
from none of you

i m sending this link
because as you all can see
seems that representation
here or there
is based on the same treatment

do you think this legal arguments
are also applier in the case of the presidency cabinet
at EC

in the absence of an answer
in the deny of help and justice
for a child and a father
that are European citizens

equal treatment
there is not us and you
is this only a kind of love fusion
that normally we use in the bed of love with our lover

I m think, that i had already listen some kind of similar
philosophical and transcend declaration
i m asking myself

whoever even trying to kill me all the days
I m still alive
I would like to have a replay from you all

the link with seems the same you and us
or something in the genre

paulo forte
16 11 2011

send by email to the cabinet of the presidency of European parliament

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