sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2011

third pearl to NY

198 E 16 11 20 11 or, the first of the angle in nineteen, nini, eigth, expo time, E, taxi, old, December, eleven vinten, vin ten, asi inte en, of the eleven of December

comment about a new relation that appear on my conscience, fallowing the image about the egg of waters and the “ support fixation “ at the official portuguese pavilion, simoneta luz afonso, and the the concert house, ocean pavilion

the image in this comment speaks about a cross, child abuse, a pregnancy, and perhaps and abortion

the other image, that I show here in this video, have the fallowing key, linguini, milaneza, mikado, or a kind or stick of woods, that a certain point had fall

lin, ing gui ni, milan, italia, lan ane za mi kado, cado, br, kapa ad of the ado, the movement

there also a synchronicity around the manifestation of this images trough the pasta, wich means also , money, because it arise at the moment of translation of the accusation against the constitutional court, first part, yesterday publish here, where is a reference to a certain painting at the raton palace, which means the biggest rat, one made in charcoal , that is a reference that appears many time on book of life , as all know

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