segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2011

Note on video 229 E 09 12 2011 publish here under

Note on video 229 E 09 12 2011

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And again a synchronicity, concerning this accusation, where the bandit and child molester, ex minister of internal affairs from ps, appears today, day 9 on news at diner time on rtp, at the parliament, apparently speaking about cuts on salaries of directors and director general of public functions, and at the moment he was speaking made a very precise gesture with his hand, on his nec, as saying in this indirectly mode, first of all, that is a criminal behavior and a apparently or true connection of the id on nec monitor here, that I gave the account recently, this points also that he was aware from many time, about this crime of spying at my home, when he was minister, and prove also what I recently state again, they use me all this years at this level

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