segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2011



There is a very complex operation going for the last days, visible in medias and my steps, normally , a large disgrace happens in the sum as proved as infinitum, in the absence of justice in this corrupted country

today morning passing twice at the door of the grocery of cavaco, the son, put a anchor of meat at the door, a mixed image, between meat, and , Marlon, from the movie, about corruption on the docks

in the return, also a prepared pass, a man has apparently delivering green apples, say looking to me, they ask two hundreds to deliver this week

the true in this meaning is very easy to check, by authorities, if not, all kind of responsibility will be upon you, authorities, to all clear understand!

Sunday, Domingo, in morning at the corner of the street of cavaco, a man, perhaps a, “ para”, with a id on the arm of the coat, as a military, degree 18, 53, seagulls whore flying near and crying, it seems the one connected with a certain accusation and a recent echo on the image of the river, jose guimaraes and expo, and child’s abuse , the “anda”of expo

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