quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2011

crime of conspiracy and persecution trough finances on my new blog

recent acts of persecution against me

trough the Portuguese state, in this case, trough finances

This is one of the facets of this constant crime they do against me all my life.
They use in a criminal manner the state, to persecute whom the elected to destroy.
This is a prove of this facet of this crime
This prove how political, abuse of the political powers they have by the people, to commit crimes
This is also a prove of the immense corruption in this country

because this kind of crimes against me, are done in portugal, a created a child blog of this one, aconspiracycrime, where I will gave the detail account on this constants crimes in many fields

the new blog, have the same name with,2, at the end of the name, aconspiracycrime2.blogspot.com
read more, here on the new blog