quarta-feira, novembro 02, 2011

Dear s
sweet representatives of something, I m sure,
bureaucrats, bandits and terrorists

is very nice to think and state about the common reforms if we are first of all common in a way
perhaps, first of all because all we have a human heart
sometimes even a head that seems be the house of conscience
and not only the support of the woman’s beautiful hair

as a child
I like very much to inquiry you all
for instance

why there is not a justice system at European level
laws and rule arise because I m not alone in the world
it s then very strange
that a common project
whatever its is aims and formulation
seems had forget
that basic human need and condition
in whatever common spaces
we may consider

when there s no law and justice body s
came always bang bang

and things like robber s and even many crimes like genocide
and even the pieces that we carry in pockets seems some times be absent
perhaps this danger water s at EC institutions had a kind of Alzheimer

however I send to all you dears, representatives of political houses in European parliament
a SOS letter, because among many crimes, there s a constant attempt of murder against me

mr marco from the HTML family,
that I presume be also a political family
replay to me that you all receive tons of letters by day, even electronic ones

however I m always very glad to receive constant letters from my beloved one
because is a prove of love

of course it seems them
that the mean of the word


have distinct and even opposite

in the absence of a common law and normal and expected body s of justice
do not mistake with political body s team
that aim s good brain massages
that arouse after
by the law of the nature of the bees
good actions

I ask you all, that as representatives came also by each of the country’s that agree on a common project, if there is one, with a distinct law, that don’t consecrate the common principle, that, if we are aware of a crime, namely a attempt of murder against some one, we must intervene, and if we do not, some time we can be also had criminal charges

this is important to understand if according to each country s laws, a citizen in this circumstance can make a criminal accusation against the ones that act in this way, better saying and writing, do not act

of course, that common spaces, projects, or whatever it is and imply more them one together, are always and must always be build and ruled in the principle of equality of duty s and rights between all parts, or individuals because, common is only possible by the reason, that mans are all from the same family, of course bees included

some times this have another name, in the language of mans, at least,
human rights

that I suppose are granted on foundations of laws

I have send the SOS letter in the day 13 of September
I have also the prove that each one of you had received
but I still waiting for a replay

of course I m a very rich man
by love
my free time
trying to

paulo forte

02 11 2011

Dear lady Assunção Esteves,

president of the portuguese parliament

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of this complex crime of international conspiracy against me and my soon

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of the crimes against law that whore also committed in this parliament until this day for the last years

can you then answer me, do you still in the way of the bandits and child molesters or not

do you will fulfill the law and the rights that are granted to citizens, or may I assume that this new president will act as normally bandits and outlaws act

paulo forte

02 11 2011

receive of the envoy in the embebed e mail of portuguese parliament

187 E 02 11 2011

as all know, this is immense puzzle,
for this reason some times
I rather prefer to do “ extracts”,
that are identify with the letter E,
fallow the sequential number.

The masters had now the letter, M, fallowing the number of id

I had encoded this one, because, a remark that the terrorists had again erase some originals, and I was special concerning with this one, who have the throne id, as I mentioned in the last master publish, the 186 M, when again I return to the image of the bandits news paper, dn on 5 of October, that had lead me again to the time of expo, and subsequently to the key of the tsunami of 2005

the symbol of the throne, as I comment before, is a visual correspondence one of the symbols that arise in the dust and the towers in they fall at 2001, and his comment many times in its distinct facets and what I discover they mean

as I noted and publish many time ago, during the fall in the dust, some “ figures” appears
as I stated before, this figures and his symbolical value seems be the key to understand what is behind this tragedy

in the analysis of the fall of the towers in NY, I isolated the figures in the frames of the tv material that we all know, because they had been aired that day, and a publish this frames

by memory, because as you all know, I m not on line for some while by the constants crimes internet providers do, there was at least six figures

the eye of the beast of fire, or the fire of the beast

a throne, that also mirrors the plant of a specific house here in Lisbon

a very big baby, between a baby and a kind of monster that appears on this throne, and what I had call the umbilical cord or a spray of blood

a woman with long curl hair that seems a African or Latin African type that stands at the side of the throne

a monster that arise after the fall

and a dog

understating the event as a sequence as it is, the figures means also a drama connection that is show in the fall it self

I had approach already during this long analysis what can be the relation, unveil drama, that the figures show, and as also I stated long time ago when we get a certitude on the drama, them is more ease to identify the figures, that figure humans, and human actions

in this extract, now publish, a show to all the appearance here at my place of the figure of this throne and a id that I had read on it

also in this extract, a complementary piece of id connected also with the fall of the towers, appears

( you must see the master where in a certain way, by the carpet and the red sofa that I call in symbolical way, the roma, Italy, wings, to get the context of this mirror line)

this complementary id, appears fallowing the image that I had also analysis, this year in the 9 11 from NY with the two presidency couples

in this extract there is a new element concerning this subject, which is a angle between two red falos, is the image of another similar one, that was also some old references in the book of life, another chaise long that is reflected in a photo magazine, which here, seems acquire the sense of a stick of billiard that put the ball moving, and the ball, shows euro cup 2004 and a symbol that is also present, in a photo of my self, with a video camera, which sens is also analysis in this last segments as you all will see, that points, sines and the time of that house, that reflects the towers in they fall

in the narration, in this video hereby publish, there is a confusion between names of streets concerning the places where my company Latina Europa have been trough the years, as always I say, all the mistakes in any kind of language are always signification and significant

the installations whore is this order, street actor joao rosa, street calçada do cardeal, street diogo do couto, and finally street do borja, where I m now

this also state, some one from the street, or place, or group, of an rose actor, from the shoes, or someone of had put the shoes, in one, lady I presume, of the cardeal, cardinal, church, or a kind of church, kim, from the group of the diogo, name, of the couto, also a name and also a name of a old teethes past

diogo is a name of one of the cds, that appears also in this sequence of analysis, couto, is the name of one fucker of icep, also in this time line, by the expo time, and the tsunami, church, as catholic church, that have the patriarch in that neighborhood, Sé, kim, as nickname of cristina coutinho

couto also has as meanings detailed in the book of life, with, a pub spot of old times, and teethes is a kind of constant line around this subjects of genocide

in this video, one of the start point of the research about the id of the throne is davorka, a name, which is a recent reference that appears in this last series of video segments

davorka, means mounting two big trees, two columns of the temple, or two towers, tervuren, Belgium, Fleming , lac, big rose swans, woods, a king crypt

I decline also davorka, in davo, group davo, ka, Egyptian word, and also in portuguese, where, in sum, the rat of the davos group where in portugal, rat also means connection with socialists

the symbol image, from where came this id of the throne, also sums ps, connected with rtp, public television, rose square, the bull,or a bull of that square and points in time, end of eighteens, a co production tv series that we made, me and antonio saraiva, with spain and italy before mounting the company, Latina Europa