sexta-feira, novembro 04, 2011

news posts at a conspiracycrime, main blog

also news posts at a conspiracycrime, main blog

accusation crime of torture against my soon

in the new child blog accusation on crime of torture and abuse
where all the documents concerning this dark facet of this crime are also together

accusation against teixeira e socrates, a sincro after the publish of the first part of the accusation

accusation against vara and greece comment

this video will be publish at a conspiracy crime, accusatiio against individuals

a pearl to NY, fall of the towers, the mirror image

just a pearl to NY and to all
about the towers

as i write about th last pearl where publish, just a pearl to japan, means , also, just,model agency, the firts pearl from japan, 

this is in hd, perhaps i will publish another extract before the masters where this part is included

the egg of the waters, simoneta, expo 98, 5 of october image

publication video , E 190
and small text, egg of waters , expo 98 time
wich menas, E 190, taxi, porto, mercedes, alemanha, sm a11 tex, of the cross egg of waters, placenta

Returning to the egg of water s
wich seens speak abou the tsunami of 2005

and precisly to the recent image comment on video, around this photo of the officila celebration of this dfay of republic implementation, in the cover of dn news paper,
approched at least in two parts, specialy in the last one with the part of thsio conversation with simon tea luz afonso
the he ad of pao rt u gal pav il lion at expo time and also head of the ladys group bandits an perhaps also masons

thunder in this pre cily point of this writing, 2:35 am 03 11 2011

today at lunch time, a thunder , in the dream, the image told, an oldbullet from manuel amaro and ines mendes, costa da caparica, or equivalent, a house with a box of letters in a post, with a strange mecanism of looker, santos, gare of the train, a musical band, a guita player, that seems manuel, morangos with sugar, tvi series the he directed, a band, a theme about a complain on school conditions, the silver, connected the yellow, like a bic black

Addenda on throne id, 187 E , publish here day 02 11 2011

Addenda concerning the comment on video on throne id, 187 E , publish here day 02 11 2011

in the comment I speak about that region of the city of Lisbon which is call , zona oriental, oriental region, today including the urbanization that arise on expo 98

there are a few references of lectures around this region during this last years that are comment in detail in book of life

one arise recently again, the image of big sculpture of jose guimaraes, the sculptor connected with japan by reasons of work, as I know, a crack under is name at the bottom of that sculpture and a big mosquito that was there and fallowing in front at a bpi banks dependence at expo, at the same time of this reading, near the sculpture the seagull show me and told a story connected with a city in the other side of the river, with a perfume of child abuse, others elements whore read at that time, in the harbor around, and the mud, that is also a signature of he second tsunami, after the big one, 2005.

as the same symbolical image of mud I find after at vodafone installations in expo, this other of child abuse, also had a certain narrated point, a connection with some one that apparently is connected with the towers of pingo doce at olivais, that also connected after japan, by a commentary, sound telephones and symbolical movements, them code and waves in a certain way, that is part of this large sequence of videos

yesterday during the write of the part of the text publish with the video, also arise by memory, other image, and the connection in my mind was this figure, or, and id that appears connected with the throne id, NY, fall of the towers, because I remember, also a reading at more or less the same time, in a wall of the interior old street already nearby the santa apolonia station, railroad station, a wall that is in front at a new car bridge, and as I remark, is a kind of church college institutions, where a read 666, and a reference to Germany in a way, this is also in book of life, church institutions was also recent referred in lines of crimes of child abuse, that seems be a kind of constant line connecting all this, which points to the process of crimes and way to do disgraces

them we have the old factory of guns, braço de prata, arm of silver, that is also quoted in book of life
one of the lines that arise now in this writing, is a line that came from the dialogue with the figure of uma truman in the 911 this year register in video, at the moment I m seeing the news papers covers, the new sens, or amplified sense of this line, is when I say, something in this kind, normally when we kiss, the world moves, and this is visual reenforce by the movement of the pub, other curious sentence in that moment, is, them poetry came, and even planes go against stars, that by the reason of it self, as a love poem talk, is rich in symbolical meanings

this movement, up and down, connected in my memory to a line also in book of life, about a real scene in braço de prata at a big party of fragil, lux, with an lift, and I know that some thing was done at that party against myself, as another incident, or attempt of murder after , or before, show to me, all this is also present in the comment about this year party of lux, and Egyptian murders, that also arise again in this time sequence

other image that came to my mind, is a perfume of another connection, the Norway killing, because the figure of the elm, already explain in video, and another image, a painting of lima de freitas, martyrdom de santa auta, if a remember well the name, a nocturne scene, in the convent of Madre Deus, in beato, a region in this region also, the connections is the arrows

more strange is another connection that make sens by this image, the martyrdom of my grand mother, in the old big family house at tarouca that was gave at a certain point by the family to a institution also connected with the church, misiricordia, because recent I have again quoted a origami, in the line o japan, and a remember one of my childhood, a yellow one, with red square eyes, if a remember well, that in the last time I saw it, has a missing feet, like the gangrene that my beloved grand mother Virginia had before dying in the leg, which means that some one have done some kind of art trough this object, now I m sure about it.

There also a museum nearby, the azulejos, which recall this last lines about simoneta luz afonso

throne id, also connected to a movie, an a new version that appears also recently here in pub in underground, that I think by memory had done a quickly analysis in some of visual elements in the suits

concerning the last master publish ,186 M 31 10 2011, I made a reference to a sentence that I heard in spirit, that Salazar and a lady had disposal a scenario that had carry to tragedy, the sense or meaning that occurs to me at first, the one that is the comment it self, was something connected with a car accident, that is what I had by oil put in the road in the curve of that road, in the beginning of the old military installations of braço de prata, but after also came to me that is also possibly a reference to jf Kennedy assassination

more strange is the fact that with that car I had two crash provoked by others, the first by a lady at chelas, against a waist disposal in concrete, the other against the black metal door, of the braço de prata old factory, who is nearby the place where after this sculpture of jose guimaraes was put in time of expo 98

there was a Salazar, boy , that work in scenarios in Latina Europa, and Salazar, also decline in Sala, which means group of RR, the radio station of church, and Sala, also rtp, which means this group or by the command of this group, there is also some readings about other killings in the world in olivais where the name of Sala, first appears, which means , people that try to kill me from the time of high school, in olivais,
( RR, wich menas, the ace man of RR of the marias from RR)

the other reference is the one that I gave in the video, Salazar from dead can dance, which declines, de can fr om dead, which seems say, the fr om of the can of the death dance at DE