quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2011

a new crime at the portuguese parliament

two sinconicitys with last videos statement. egg of waters

the first one, was sunday at oilivais, in tv, i saw and just saw, a  pub spot, where at a certain moment, a egg, fall and made de others fall, seems shampo or sometinhg in the kind
the sense seems pointing by this image it self, for the balls of newton, or action and reaction, which maens also ab c reactions, then a face lady

the second one, today in the upper, of the cover of dn, it seens that at ericeira, that corresponde to old lines in this blog and recent, not already publish, connected with the stol of my soon, a man catch the most big wave, 20 meters, the photo, you all can see on line,

also a revised version of the text of the accusation against suprem court, noronha do nascimento and superior council of magistracy, publish at the some place, where at this link