quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2011

ove letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament send today by email

new post on conspiracy crime
criminal accusation againt pt parliament
against constitucional court, firts part 
a new video, a kiss to you

and this love letter to mr buzek, pr of european parliament
send today by email

To the president of European parliament
to all the parliamentary
to all

sweet dears representatives
can y and all understand
why until now
i did not receive any answer
from none of you

i m sending this link
because as you all can see
seems that representation
here or there
is based on the same treatment

do you think this legal arguments
are also applier in the case of the presidency cabinet
at EC

in the absence of an answer
in the deny of help and justice
for a child and a father
that are European citizens

equal treatment
there is not us and you
is this only a kind of love fusion
that normally we use in the bed of love with our lover

I m think, that i had already listen some kind of similar
philosophical and transcend declaration
i m asking myself

whoever even trying to kill me all the days
I m still alive
I would like to have a replay from you all

the link with seems the same you and us
or something in the genre

paulo forte
16 11 2011

send by email to the cabinet of the presidency of European parliament

in the middle of a conspiracy is good always to kiss you a lot

16 11 2011
104 poesie surrealiste
l amour
toujour l amour

the sound track os this video was recovered , because the terrorists had erase many oi my videos, and i edit again with original footage, i suppose there also a more or less old key at the end in the fountain of rossio, by the hand of a child, perhaps, part of that big encenation at that time in lisbon, as i gave the account 

crime complain against the PT constitucional court, first part

when I finish the conversation at lady teresa almeida garret cabinet we both stand up, the lady walk with me trough the labyrinth, in the wall there was the draw, the draw that appears constant behind the gentleman’s, i stooped her for a moment and say to her, have you already notice how this image is an illustration of what happen in this house and in the field of justice in portugal, what seems to be a painting, a grey slate full of ashes with many white strokes, without any dot of escape, without harmony or balance, is an image that speak about the real, she replay to me, I will start looking for it in another way, now that you show me

read more at    http://2-cc.blogspot.com/2011/11/accusation-against-portuguese.html

six , fifty nine am, the day is already born, when i write chaos in english in this translation, i had write as caos, wich means dogs, the corrector of openoffice, or a script made express, show to me this song that seems rhime in a way with the so simbolical name of this palace where is the constitucional court, rato, big rat, big from socialist party, or even related with this paint os chalk strokes, that say dog os tea, chaos, a kind of a 666 group, ca , wich means here or ka, ps, cos, cia os capos, ot the can seprent of the cats car, dancers, co of the os ca, ad dc, circle it rat, ps, english mason, cam, gulbenkian, serpent cabs , taxi, cais, joker group, ka ws la os cam bo já from cds house, the ex lady of paulo portas, davos falos rios, north pt, bridges , ph of the firts os bar of the ra raton, rta, ra, pala cio, pala , athens heat

can a independent police verif if this is the natural order of words that are suggest in the word corrector of this program in english language when he graph chaos as caos, dogs in portuguese, comboios, br roi,
see the photo that I take it the word sequence of the corrector

crime complain at curia against pt parliament

This is a criminal complain at european criminal court curia, against the actual portuguese parliament and his president, assunçao esteves, member of the so call social democratic party, against the ex parliament president, jaime gama, against the ex and the actual president of the first parliament commission, and against all heads of all the political groups that had and have political representation at the parliament this two last legislatures