sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2011

To all, to european parliament, to all parliamentary, to the president of european parliament

three thousand
more around

the best cream
of all

we citizens

and protect
sixteen millions of souls

there none with an heart
there none who act in justice
there none who act according the

The humans rights
The rights of Child’s

must I
and all

Then I All You
must ask

do you battle
in name of what

what interests
in a collective way

you all
don’t answer a child and a father
and assure them
the justice
that is missing
for so long

who is making a wall
in european institutions

who is making a wall
in european court

why crimes had already arise
why You did not even answer them



brave warriors
of the construction

is the option
of whom
burn the bridges
of justice
the peace

may the price
be know
for all

2, part, a non lesson about economy finances and taxes, and also a criminal accusation, 2 part

200 E 17 11 2011 synopsis

spoken in portuguese and english, this video, is also a continuation of this non lesson about economy finances and taxes, and also a criminal accusation against the so call actual finances minister and for the rule of co responsibility of acts of government, extended to all cabinet

there as a crime more or less to weeks ago made in my house, with pipes, and waters that has also been mirror in many ways in medias trough this one, who seems to be the actual finances minister, who all see in videos that are not until now publish, reference, joe the plumber

this , scene, which is a constant facet of this continuous crime, of illusion made in opinion public trough all kind of medias, of course is connected with the tsunami 2005, and for this reason is a very serious matter

in this video in portuguese and for this reason I advise all the authorities to translate, a public inquiry about this veils, and crimes behind

I also inquiry him as finances minister, why until now, the last crime they had committed against me trough finances that is proved in the blog, did not had a answer from him, this show to the court the degree of criminal complicity of this man, this a criminal complain to the european criminal court, concerning this facet of this crime of conspiracy, the constant crime of persecution trough state institutions, namelly finances

to publish also at persecution trough finances blog and main conspiracy, with a a note

the other parts of this conversation, a non economy lesson, are where at the blog, for whom may be interested

a public inquiry to FMI, to all, and a non economic lesson

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199 E 17 11 2011, synopsis
a public inquiry to FMI, to all, and a non economic lesson

third pearl to NY

198 E 16 11 20 11 or, the first of the angle in nineteen, nini, eigth, expo time, E, taxi, old, December, eleven vinten, vin ten, asi inte en, of the eleven of December

comment about a new relation that appear on my conscience, fallowing the image about the egg of waters and the “ support fixation “ at the official portuguese pavilion, simoneta luz afonso, and the the concert house, ocean pavilion

the image in this comment speaks about a cross, child abuse, a pregnancy, and perhaps and abortion

the other image, that I show here in this video, have the fallowing key, linguini, milaneza, mikado, or a kind or stick of woods, that a certain point had fall

lin, ing gui ni, milan, italia, lan ane za mi kado, cado, br, kapa ad of the ado, the movement

there also a synchronicity around the manifestation of this images trough the pasta, wich means also , money, because it arise at the moment of translation of the accusation against the constitutional court, first part, yesterday publish here, where is a reference to a certain painting at the raton palace, which means the biggest rat, one made in charcoal , that is a reference that appears many time on book of life , as all know

two news blogs created today

Coins and correlative

new blog today, 17 11 2011, created

where I will try to put different information connected with coins and correlative, which means, finances, economy and production fields and some criminals accusations, because as many knows, paradise is a kind of apple with some germs inside

publish 199 E 17 11 2011 and 200 E 17 11 2011

try to get and also publish , providencia cautelar against agreement done by last portuguese government and fmi


conspiracy crime, inside crimes,