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diary of conspiracy at european criminal court
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accusation of torture

junker and berlusconi, image echos at media where in portugal 
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inside crimes, 

sum of accusation against portuguese state institutions, and prove, that, this crime is a crime of state conspiracy against two citizens


words for my son francisco
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egg of water, two key image concerning the video

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note on video 202 E 21 11 2011, here in this blog publish

write at 21 day of this month, this text don t have correction, to all see the others meanings

imagine, wich is an act that you even have not to do, also because we are dealing, here, with a crime and murders, that assunçao, is not a very common name in portuguese names, whoever, there two now under the lights of this soap that is represent by so call politicians, and imagine also, how convenient, that two lady’s are connected with the political powers , one, this criminal one, assunçao esteves, head of portuguese parliament, house of the transversal criminal agreements between all the party’s, and the other , assunçao cristas, minister of this so call actual government

dont imagine, becasuse indeed you all dont need to do it, that in the upper of this newspaper there is a symbol, that is very close on purpose to evoke another one, the one made by this sculptor and painting, that is also around the table again, jose de guimaraes, see line of tsunami march japan, and also expo 98 time, the symbol that I animated at the end of the video on line, waters time, documentary on expo,. And remenber that botton line of this we are speaking, if propely to stat in this way, about tsunami 2005 and perhaps half million deaths, the hisgesth numebr knowed connected with this provoked disgrace

( bec use rem en ber, pro rop pe l y, 2005, hi is sg est man nume br know ed)

imagine also that esteves, the family name of the first assunçao, is also the name of one of the bandits at rtp, rui esteves, of the same group of another just came now again, simas, and also a very well know personage made by herman jose, the officila tv comic here, that is very similar to another apparently real personage, that also jsuta appear on another line of this soap, coming from amnerica in the visist of two other official bandits , cavco and portas, as I comment before, that strange line, where the bandits mor, cavaco, apparently in a anwseer sayed, that he will not forget a old story about twenty years ago, mot expressly account, but the image show at that momment, one, that apparentl is a a portguses entrepeneur that live is states for many years, that I also had comment before in other lines of this same image, like he was teeling the truth about some old crimes, and his image is very similar to herman jose

imagine that the other assunçao, cristas, which in portgual also means, the upper part of the head of chickens and rooster, also appears last week, in tv, with images that also evoke in a very clear way and consequently purpose, that timer, expo, and of course, tsunami 2005

and see the images at telejornal channel one rtp, public television, where the second one, appears in this constant mental diseases apparently speaking of buying a new old robot, tho explore the portguese seas, a robot with an arm, that we see taking rocks and see behind at the bootton of the sea,

this images are also a mirror, of anotheres concerning the time of expo, and namelly the documentary that I had done at that time, wich mingle also another image in the kinf, asdtrolabio,. A tv porducer here at alcantara, where in a certain mornig decripited in book of life, a very starnge morning with many in a concience state of mind, a very strange parfum, came from a tv camar man at astrolabio

then seems also this two bandisos state are in a kind of discussion, about the directions, of tsunami, partys art boats, or ebven masks of anothers instruments that give directions to people, if one
saying the second, that this ladys , of the time of one pass at the expo, whore chickens from the another assunçao, or ass un sao dog

(cross en man se, e ms also, estes dois bandidos, band, andi, iso ser o ente, familiar, from the state, in first kin of discussion, eb v en mask s o fan ano cross her serpente instrumentsm, medical, if one, s us kin fist one, )

as the court can see this is the way thay mnass murders, seems to try to veil in public opinion the crimes that they are aware and even some times, cover, wich buy the law make them at least accomplishes

diary of the crimes at curia

new page with up today date 

accusation against portguese state institutions

also up date
parliament, send accusation by post
minister of justice, public inquiry before accusation
and sum of the accusation in this facet of this crime of conspiracy

To the criminal european court

sum of the accusation against the portuguese state institutions

in this point, the accusation, claim, that the prove done of the criminal behavior of the fallowing portuguese state institutions , the general attorney of the portuguese republic, pgr, and the criminal investigation department, diap, the constitutional and supreme court, the presidency of the republic, and the parliament, sustain and prove in all, that this crime against a child, my soon, and against a father, me, is also a state conspiracy, and consequently also a crime against the state of law it self, that all the political forces have an agreement and act together in this crime covering by this ways many others crimes and of course some murders

this prove very clear why the need of the intervention of criminal european court, as a stat on the first letter that I send to this court on 8 of July this year, and like many others for others judicial and judiciary institutions, did not have any answer until this day

tell me sirs, what justice is this one in europe!

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second part of the accusation crime of torture against my child and me

in this link, also a new page , documents of support, concerning this second part of this accusation

again the terrorists have change the copys of the false reports of the bandit and child molester helena sequeira, i will put them on order soon

also the prove that the medics order of portugal is aware of this crime and consequently part of it


curia, sum, prove again of a world conspiracy crime

the strange talk, and perhaps false conversation that are publish here with apparently the european criminal court, and madame standart, wich seems by what i show where, also a active part of this conspiracy

This is a crime!

This is a crime against a child
This is a crime against a father

This are many crimes against all humankind

inside crime on software, up date

also in the child blog of a conspiracy crime, with the name , inside crimes

prove send criminal complain against pt parliament pr and actual minister of justice