quinta-feira, dezembro 01, 2011

again the upload of the 219M, was block

at the end, when the application say that , complete the upload, they do not complete, and the links don t appear

fuckers, criminals, terrorists, mass murders

this is the one that they are so afraid!!!!!!!

again they are blocking the up loads of the two videos

they had robber this morning, stop this crime!!!!!

new terrorist attack

13:17, three videos stolen

220 M

219 M

218 M

new child blog, accusation against portuguese institutions

new blog child of the main a conspiracy crime
accusation against portuguese institutions

first part of the accusation against the portuguese order of lawyers

...this facts, elements of communication, prove that at least from June of the year 2008, the portuguese order of lawyer is aware of this crime, and in the same way, the absence of any answer until know, prove also that they participate in a active way in this crime of conspiracy against a child, my son and against me...

read more at http://cc-8.blogspot.com/

key in my windows software

my windows product key, say to me
major delta pro do circulo cross, key, sa delta tome,mode

48, year of birth, man of the infinity, of the mark 78, year, twenty eigth, the condutor, J, letter and chelas place at lisbon, 36 man of the pr, of the mark of the hooker square dc ms, mark t2, square y x, coordinates, co circulo rat dina, toy ota, first of the spanish cross, sg pai, tabaqueira, croz ba aba bac square ei ira, micro da soft, serpente circle ft

write on day 15

prove of the reception of complain to pt justice minister

the strange thing, is that in the same day of the envoy, as you can see here, i send also a formal crime complain to the pr of portuguese, (port guese, goa , india) parliament, both state institutions are in lisbon, but the second one, did not arrive until now

second part accusation on crime of torture against my son

revision of the second part of this accusation on crime of torture against my son
here at this link