sexta-feira, dezembro 02, 2011

218 B M 28 11 2011

this video, is a part that in it order came after the 218 M and before the 219 M, 

The attack yesterday and a new master 218 B M,

The attack yesterday, day one of December, was indeed a very complex one, in the sense that at the same time, they again change the programs here at my home, and in consequence of this they erase the originals 360 to 388, that correspond to what was to be the master 212, more them one hour conversation, this are crime made by the police and authorities themselves, who are in reality murders, this is a criminal complain to european court

cop do pm, of prime minister, the terrorist passos coelho, that the image of the cover day one, of news paper, publico, where they say about the transfer of money from the pensions, and that will be no impact, even with a 300 millions mistake in the budget, fuckers, as the disguise to say between the group of bandits that they succeed in erasing all this proves of many crimes

the image on cover of publico, shows, the other criminal, the so call minister of finances giving a hand shake to paulo portas, as thanking the erase of this proves, with a profound expression of relieve

this is prove also by what is say in the video 221 M, because there I made reference to the comments on the matters that they still and erase

sinopse of the contence they still and erase,

virus, relaçao imagem, do jardim ,imagem do anjo do parker, omoplatas, pontadas, claques benfica, imagem da holanda,stadium, murder of pym, manif, agressao, caixao alcantara, ala cantara, femenin of cantaro, vase , the code line, rodape dos medicos confirmando a corrupçao actos medicos, pros e contra, serviço publico, agricultura, outra linha cujo roubo vinha já espelhado no jornal, como apelo do cavaco, diziam, as putas, apagaram a imagem da americana, pois dva a aobvia ligaçao com o passe feito no museus do oriente, as linhas dos barcos do museus do oriente, antena dois, a iamgem da rapariga, modelo do pedro abrunhosa, axe parfum, grupo reunião, a linha do poul fmi, prova dos noves, pest alo da rede de um ozzi, o carro kitado, guitarrista, o dossier, casy study, noronha do nascimento, mota soares, a lambreta e o carro de luxo, imagem dos indigos, a pera , imagem de londres, borboleta , zorrinho, palno tecnologico e mota soares, russia, casinos, amorim,

egg of waters, a gift to the dissulision man, details of the key of michael parker, london matters

peugeot 504, av poeta mistral, guarda nocturno e o carro da isabel , belgica,

it seems also they had re edit this last videos, at least some shoots on them

I publish today, the 218 B M, that correct order, is after the 218 M already yesterday publish