segunda-feira, dezembro 05, 2011

letter with the complain against axa


inside crime on nec, my monitor

criminal complain against pedro passos coelho in his function of prime minister of portuguese state

To the
portuguese prime minister
official residency
rua da imprensa à estrela

send by register letter and invoice of reception

This is a criminal complain against pedro passos coelho in his function of prime minister of portuguese state

as I write recently to the president of portuguese parliament and to the minister of justice, that I can even imagine that you are not aware of this crime of world conspiracy that is going on, at least from 2003, against me and my son

as I state before in book of life, I have been in person at the general office of social democratic party twice, one at the time that manuela ferreira leite, the one that was all remember stated in public space that in her opinion, the democracy is portugal must be suspend at least for a period of six months, was the head of the party and then when you assume similar functions

in both cases, I ask to be receive by both or other from the board of the party, to present my complain against this crime that as all know is covered with the active participation of all the political forces that exist in portugal, because also as all know, I send letter in different times to all the leaders in parliament and never, I stress, never, I had receive any answer from anyone

in your function of prime minister you have been questioned many times in public space of communication with many charges namelly in my book of life at, as usually without any answer others that this constants veils and scenes that all are aware in the constant illusion trough the medias, that you all display namely to cover many crimes not only me and my son but against all humankind

citizens expect that people that claim carrying any kind of public functions must act according the law

the absence of or answer to this new attempt to ask for what is granted by all the laws to me and my soon, will revert in a criminal accusation against you, pedro passos coelho, and by the rule of solidarity of acts that the government carry’s to all the actual portuguese government

whereby I charge you of a crime of against the state of law, against democracy and the portuguese republic, in active participation on a crime of state conspiracy, of abuse and torture of a son and a father and the robber of my child, attempt of murder, and others crimes

as all know in portugal you show of face of a lawyer in the first trip that you have done to europe institutions as the administrator of tap as prove in public space of communication and the nature of this act shows well the kind of man you are, the kind of man that is not even man or a father, the kind of no man that can by this reasons carry any kind of government function

also the continuity of absence of answer to my recent register letter send to pr portuguese parliament, other then the scene show in medias, and the absence of answer to my register letter to the letter send to the justice minister, show that you all still behavior as criminals and outlaws, as the others before have done, had already prove in this way that this crime is also a state conspiracy

paulo forte
05 12 2011