terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2011

new attack on line

the two video appears in the uploader was they had pass alll , well, and them say that something wrong with the format, but (it) his is a layer, because the dont appear in the application that mange content

this is a propose , pr rose, attack, fucker, terrorist, jail or hell with you, !!!!

223 M

222 M

correct version of criminal accusation pedro passos coelho coelho

publish at the same child blog of a conspiracy crime http://2-cc.blogspot.com/view/magazine

strange and significant exchange of words, in the sentence, concerning his first public layer , as lawyers, i wonder why....

corrected version, this is the same letter send yesterday

at the post when i was sending it, an acthim come and some drops fall on the envelope, i looked it and in that moment, it came to my mind, another old envelope, that i send once to NY to monica lapa, the image in my spirit at that instant, was, he is connected with the dead of Monica, that envelope is a story board collage style corin tellado, the first soaps in paper, and head litlle rose triangles glue in the envelope

pedro passos coelho, means also, one peter, from the steps of the ra of the bit, or bitte, dentada