sábado, dezembro 10, 2011

crime complain against the head of jean monet center and others , EC at lisbon

....I stress also to the court that during this particular step, asking protection and justice for my son and myself, again at least two attempt of murder me also occur, and many other deadly crimes had arise, this are very serious matters of crimes....


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in a way a conversation with the word of angela markel where in a cover of news paper that i comment in another video, the need that portugal will have a anti terrorism informatic unit

because this statment shows that the understand is at least half of what is need
see my texts on ourosobreazul.blogspot.com to understand this in all, what namely web need

this is a crime complain at the criminal european court against portuguese authorities and in particular oncerning this crime, iss,


judge ana peres, casa pia case, child abuse, socrates at  
judie, judeu, appears in the corrector just now


crime of torture

criminal complain to the european court on crime of torture and brief explanation in the abc process and how they use it to promote disgraces all around the world
piece of criminal accusation at the european criminal court
see video at
a new christmas time alone, question to you my love and of course due the nature of the problem, to all
at help blog, page diary 

criminal complain at european criminal court against the pr of the portuguese parliament an all authorities, here the video or in

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