quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2011

240 M

this master was recorded yesterday, and his the prove that this killings, if true, that occurs in belgian and italy whore prepared where by this corrupts and state terrorists, i will not send any email today to any authoritie, because as i remenber in this video, i have done it many times in recent past, to all kind of authorities, and as all know no anwser i get from noone of them, i advside all, however to take attemption to this content because is a prove

239 M

224 MB 08 12 2011

this two videos , the 224 and the 224MB whore missing in the sequence of the ones that i call , masters, the recording in it normal sequence at the "images" are coming 

new crime of illegal entrance at my home, as they do all the days

in this corrupt country, yesterday, one of the iron "bastoes", ref , three legs of the piece of wc, was missing, someone take it of, bastao, is somethingh that is connect with the objects that represent power namely at the lawyers order, that as all know, i just accused here

all the days they enter my house
this a crime
this is a criminal complain to all authorities in the world, if one

224 M

this one fallows the 223 M,

223 M, here at http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.com/2011/12/213-m.html

which also means that in temporal sequence they are before that the ones yesterday here published

the last image in this video, the design of a new "mouse", is a important one to understand what i will show about new develepments on the tsunamis key, in a certain way, is also comment in the lines of this scene the terrorists had prepared here with the apple and my visit to the police station, at the end of one of the videos that i comment, in portuguese, pescadinha de rabo na boca, nem muda a rada nem a cançao, symbolic image of ourubous, and the cycle of life it self, them in sum, this detail, also points what i stated long time ago, in the firsts parts of the analyse of the tusnami, concerning the beach, meco, and the active participation of the police on this major disgrace