quarta-feira, dezembro 21, 2011

returning to the egg of waters

Returning in a synthetic way to the analyze of symbolical key elements on video

by the corrector the Lucretia from the secret conspirator of the congress conjuration, the pc wing of lapis lazuli, group connected or someone connected with maria sobral mendonça

The star of five October, red October, old name of a journal whe r in portugual, connected with the ps, the port of the gula, name of a book about the seven deadly sins, augsutina, bessa, a luis, from the gropu of the bessa, the submarine, the infiltrated, of the republic of simoneta luz afonso, the one from the portuguese official pavilion at expo time, water time, water s time, the time of the waters, the time, the club of the tsunamis 207 M 22 11 2011

the first falo of the portuguese pavilion, the one who put the egg of waters, can also had a translation, of a pregnancy, praga, in praga, decline the corrector , wich means probably during the circuit by many country’s, co un bt r y s of the so cal portugal, port gato da universidade,ual ,mark, icep, quoted on book of life, in details, parga also the starge tempesdt3e fallop tg man red bull, airplanes races, also details in book of life, some love affair, as usally, usa sally sa ll serpent

tesreday , yesterday 19, after retrnig to this video, I had a dream, doiro, river, or north of portugal, see by a mountain, poor people building houses in ciment, some one trow away a big trave, very far away, the bum ,wich mena double sense, tempest and assincronicity femomenus, av infante santo, them a eletric ar car at porto, also image of train, yellow, ps, a system of a key that stopo the engine, like some use in small boats, trhen a walk persucution trough a big avenue, in poro, must be av do boavista, also group of the son of the major of boavista club, also mingles, min g k first es, mason, gb, doiro, caves

like a wave this big avenue, imagem connect with image tsunami , previwe in 83, meco , road to sesimbra, then a old man, a father warp like a synbolical draw of a opus, larva, see yung, and the say, the egg was rotten, estragado, wich means, probably a defromed fetus, image of the towers of ny, in the dust, symnbolical figures,

a mantra form the raia of the two towers, the towers here, correspond to the two towers of expo, also the house of the terrorist that came living here at 2005, fatima prieto, and gemeni, also mingle with psys , pspsychiatrics, teresa maia, police ps psy, gnosismed,

3 the egg the rails, the tree seeds, the rectangle of trains, tuy, fisgk, gnosismed, the threes

then must be the signature of three railowods accindets, fish , fi sg kao first, gn circle sis med, the threes, arvore, co o pe ar t ive in o porto, cala t r ava, calatrava, cala pie ce circulo wood, or word

all flag , acores, bandeira, name, eleven, mirror of waters, winds, river, old docks, from ck serpent
the way to descend a small boat, means, to killing a child, abort, or three childs
the snake, the pragnecy of a snake from the harbour, porto, probably
fiftys the place of catalinas, from casa pia porto or similar

hidro plans, the plan of the hidra, and near a barragem, the dead of three young ladys, quoted on book of life, salazar, place, a militar, details on book of life, from the castele of the bode, from the house of the supreme , the judge, the anphibius palnes, the lizzard plane, the plane from a eratin, certain lizzard, lady from casa pia, child abuse, line, the breast io f the snake, the conception of the palan of that pragnecy, or a story about a lie concerning a false pragnecy, account on a restaurant, a ema, from the group womans and godness, god ness, the water dragon, fcp, rodizio br, killing in brasil, the black bull, as symbol, one with this symbol perhaps a tatoo, very beatifull paintings on the walls, probably in a blog with very beatifull paintings , two cross, a percentil and a ph one, of the pt pavilion, the small egg inside the pavilion, from the gropu, group of siza, grou, connected with the one from the pacvilion of the future, tuy ire, the one of the waves in a facade, faca de, f aca ad, de, e, one of the links, cover of the group of the bandits from the newspaper, the dn, group simoneta, cavaco and costa, the cauda of the serpent, of pala and pav future, lines, the one that draw it, the star shotted in excpo time, guitar band, the vase of theA A AIN VER SION, cavaco behind, maddie, fatima, child abuse, rober, or robert,listz, at cala t rava station, clube of remo, alcantara also, a very beatiffukl mince girl, dope, mia, mi, the pain of mia, tv presenter, gropu north, porto guese, ligth, mean star, photos coming in photo, miami vice, rapid boats, ra pide boa, snake, first from the ts,

from a photo magazine, probably one of the group of journals , mia mi police, a gain n st v ice, with drugs, fast boat is also a pendulum, or a machado, a dega do machado, from the group of arquitetos, masons

connections with states miami, siza, the magi of the x, E, red rectangle, island, republica dominicana, the katrina, the cat of the rhina, the shadow, the motorbike, here, is visible as hand shadow in the beginning of this video, the hand of hurricanesm, urric cane es sm, the celestila from the cupula, from the fuck, of the pavilion, a lady of the stars in her face, vip image, old boat, docks alcanatra, s rafael, name of the tower at expo, the fuck at the topwer, tower, also a dead brasilina lady, sailors l ike nambim, nose, wich is also a anzol,the one who have done the trap, the movie projected there, ?, the movie of a certain fuck,.tempest, near by mne, another egg, urna, egipcian symbol, egg of the water, abbay dead, a baby

until 12.05, un til december, star circle


how to put a egg, by a fuck, in a rapid boat, the delta, de bus sy, in the childrens corner, colombo, cc,
in the mother that carrys the son, wich mean a lie, that was told to a mother , to a mother that was carrying a baby at that time, boat translate, indep, independente jornalist, a ceratin pre sion, press io n, perhaps a lie that conduct one mother to the decision of an abortation, mother from the group of if, then the egg of hope, became a rock,

19.21 the meo rat od the y , memory of salema, algarve, pr ia da luiz, praia da luz, luz affonso, cargaleiro, infante santo, lagos, the vision of the hole, on the sand, a mother and a daugther, done by a mother and a daugther, the story of the english child in sudoeste asiatico, takimg waters by suction, means a abort tecnique, the first fucker, the one who forms the wave, saying to the parnts, wich means the one who told the lie of a pragnecy, connected with the image that form in algarve like a tusnami one or two years before, es cape, connected with education, culture affairs and learning, sm all of the house, ema, connections, house, the lady, sala sal ema, rr, group of blogs, link ing king m any from time, jornal or qe s u ip, eq u io pe, mirror s, brasil, net syestems, the black bull, lady, of the rodizio, ns, tvi here in portgula, a br here connected with tvi, norwya killing, oslo, net of nobel, connection with organization ted kennedy, the portguese connnection, some kind of help organization, major, olaf palmer, dead, a hooker, meco, monkey, bowlings, bow l ing s, mecos, feminy lady figure of the triangle, hit, h it, 2006, 2007, salema, the old map of dn, details of this reading in book of life, charging a dinamo, atomic bomb, 8mm video dv, ca sete, group journal, sum mer, sal ema, s um, sal ema, water as image of placenta, also, ille gal, the ones that enter my house, finances, false debts, the ones ffrom the mdeias in this conspiracy, s top, ad of the infinitum, icc, un cle, steve j ob, s teve of the job, j, ob, the one who control the medias, the one who disgace the true resposability, of the gui k l t ys one sm, the hole, bizarre, sand, two femenin figures, the motehr and the daugther,

wich se ms point, the rat from logitech, logi teck, this rat came from a round blue kit, that the bank seven offer to they clients, like a egg espalmado, es pal mad circle, which men, the man of the wich, the one from the bank, seven, serpente eve en, bricket , or fire yellow silver, the horse silver, lapis lazuli, the mother and the daughter, the ones they made the hole, doctor, with two femines figures, the pretext to the robber of my son, somethins that happen to a mother and a daughter, that are implie in the act of torture abuse and robber of my son in 2005, the ones connected with the pavilion, connection simoneta luz afonso, mu first ti sync, of the pc, thunder windows, a ad dd en d a, the id of the trhrone, with ny, october is then november, n ove be mb, credit card, the one who stole the concept, cross man un der, the fay of the republic, coimbra, also, sisly, circule ff , dn, cila, cila, the one cover by dn, sp cia al ly, li, cross of the main of ss sio io, simon tea of luz afonso, tca, the head of the stick, the falo of the one from the pavilion of portugal, port gal, mao sn, mason, at expo time, the head of the group of the ladys bandits, pre cily, one that is official, the one of the thunder, cila lady of pedro marques lopes, , or the pedro of the marues of the pombal, place of lady birds connected with lopes, santana

in book of life thee many lines around eggs, lalique, gulbenkian, armitage exibhition where at lisbon, entre campos, group pt enterprises

this text has expressly no correction to all can see what is show in the errors of the writing it self