sábado, janeiro 07, 2012

a return kiss...

or the internal mechanism of the secret of Love

do you know my love
after the kiss, yesterday almost morning
the little prince appears to me

he was there in my desk, liking he was lanching the nets to a sea of stars of in the waters of some african country
i ask him, what are you doing
i replay to me, looking to catch the heart of my belove one in a star

receipt, we cook some fruits on water, and them put them in a plat of soup camming from the home maker
then we take it to the office room and put in front at the clavier for a while
them he change is position and by the transer of energy and condensation the draw appears at our eyes

of course someone was sleeping above not under me chest, in that room they made noises, ( acts of torture)

(tota from the toto sea of stars
toto is an image of a cd album from a portuguese band if a remenber well, a sword and a ring af fire)

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