sexta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2012

criminal accusation against ibervial and other s the court and to wall, about the dynamo, first of wall seems confirm the existence of a dynamo, by this line of this recent image of dynamos and inversion of polarities, image on news paper with passos coelho, that seems connected with the sinking of the boat at Greek islands, or the bombs in the muslim country, or the boy at liege, I do not care any more in this veils, justice is based on truth, which is something that seems no more be practice, then whats the point, the point is bang bang in the absence of justice, but this also seems in synchronicity with my word, when I remember the dynamo that I found here at home in 2006, that was build with very particular detail, and they whore here entering every days, preparing it at the small piece, detail, mounted on everything, with all the things that whore at home, this also means that we are speaking also here in this image, about other layer, about the same process, and eventually the same peoples behind, the creation of dynamos, and also the one that a certain point, take the decision to invert a certain dynamo, which mean , a certain polarity, then you must speak the rest of the truth, because who know, who are just proving in this image at cover of news papers, that you are criminals, and that you know the truth and what you have done, and explain why have you done a dynamo and what goals you had at that point, to create a dynamo and who had invert a dynamo, fuckers terrorists and genocides 

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