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public criminal inquiry to european institutions

this letter, a public criminal inquiry to european institutions  as send the day 20, as you all can confirm here in this blog, until now, even after resending, because apparently some email adress whore unknow, i do not have any anwser, which as always remenber, is also a anwser  

  1. do you think I have a kind of lack of diplomacy, when I m sick most part of my days, due the constant attempt to murder me, that occurs at the european country where I live, that acts as a nazi state, denying all the rights and assurances and protections that are due to a citizen by laws
  2. the fact is, that I send to you all, a SOS open letter many months ago on September last year, and I did not receive any answer from none of you, with the episodes that you all aware in the middle, first a apparently crime of deviation of a letter that the president of the parliament wrote to me, and second, a unacceptable letter from a so call citizen inquiry services, because its content, is a crime by it self, that perhaps was also forged or deviated in between
  3. in this letter and the many following contacts I gave to you all in the parliament and in particular to each one of the individuals under, as heads of all european political families, the account of the situation that many subject me and my son almost during this last decade, a crime that I have proved in public way, behind any reasonable doubt, that I can and law also, consider a crime of international conspiracy against two european citizens in particular and many others around the world..... 

new videos , eggs of water s

270 M 30 03 2012
at master videos
and also a new version of the
269 M , because the terrorist reach again, as i explain in the 270, to made the sound asyncronous

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sábado, março 24, 2012

the ABC, or the P case, and the terrorist gangs behind

....The ABC line, and symbol, the eye of Horus on the towers fire, or the P case, and what seems be a framing at this time, a attempt to charge me in america as responsible for the fall of the towers in the context of the robber of my child....

read more at sea matter

terça-feira, março 20, 2012

new updates on blogs

the prove of this new going on attemp of murder me, and a criminal accusation against cavaco silva and others,  post under in this blog

sea matters, video master from the 286, part twenty eigth to 293, part thirty three
a key photo kind of a sum of the birmania, lady sum, key. the 293, mainly about this killing of child s in the bus in the trip to snow

all this videos are also now at new blog ,  with the name master videos ,new part on public inquiry to european institutions, the last one still without any anwser

this is the copy of the text on the email that i just send rigth now to all the head s of parliamen

dear lady and sir,
it seems that the terrorist had again sucedd that my last criminla public inquiry, did no arrive at least some of you,
i have send this letter to all the heads of european parliament, here in the fallowing link you can see it

today i m sending a new part of this public criminal inquiry, that you can see in this link

about this new killing of belgiam child s in a scholl bus 

it seems lady s and sir of the major european istitutions that the absence of justice and respect of rigths still killing childs in this so call europe

i demand an anwser!

waiting for your replay

a new development on the criminal accusation against ibervial and others, here 

293 M eggs of waters part thirty three,

this part is mainly about the killing of childs from belgiam in a scholl bus
and becames integrant part of the public criminal inquiry to european institutions

some correspondence )(, this symbol is connect with this killing in brussels, it must appear, in other word, must be visibel somewhere
sib bel, sib, bank masons, make sense in the ccount of the pass they have done at the same time,

s o me cor r es pond en ce )(, t h i s sy mb o lis , connect wit h this killing in brussels, it mu st a pp pear, in ot her word, mu st be v isi sin bel s o me w here, sib bel, sib, bank masons, make sense in the cc o un t o ft, he p ass they h ave d one at the same time,

this symbol )( with a trace of connection between them, sum also, a name simeon, si meo, pt, 29,

the ass of this murder, is connected with the figure of the crocodile, crocodile, is ba bal on, in act, babalon have the name correspondence q it h abel, the lady that look the hand of the sword , ara di it square, the building,  buik d ing, of the son in lawer of cavaco silva

t, he ass, o ft ,his murder, is c on nec ted wit h t he fi g ur e  o ft, he crocodile, c roco cod di ile , is ba bal on, in act, b aba l on h ave the name cor r es pond en ce q it h abel, t he lady t hat l ook the hand o ft, he, sw sord , ara di it square, the b ui l ding,  buik d ing, of the son in lawer of cavaco silva

also by the spirit i heard, the com connected with the lawerys fac, make also sense, because at the, same, sime, time, i was working on the trasnlation of the accusation against the laweer, pedro, that is involved in the act of torture and the robber of my son, the one that works for the criminal alady, adao, vera, the one from ps

al also,  b y, the spi rit i he ard, t he com c on nec ted wit h the la w ery s fac, m ak e also s en se, bec au use at the si me time, i w as wor king on the t ra sn la ti on o ft, he accusation a gain st the la we is rat, pedro, t hat is involved in the act, of tor t ur e and t he ro bb ero rof fm y son,  t he one t hat wor k s for the criminal al ad dy, adao, vera, the one from ps

and also some other correlations, with the conscience that i stated, that show that the terrorist had change the  coffe machine krups, perhaps even aiming that i share this lecture

in reality seems that they have change the machine, the robbers and terrorist!!!!! fuck, this fascist  country!!!!!

with the number of the motor inside the krups,
120= twelve hours, do ze hor ace, december circle,190, taxi mercedes, square star, 325, the 69, rose 77, the number that also appears in the master with the eua map and france, where seems also today siome childs whore m,urder at a scholl, a hebrew scholl,

the 49, as orubus, ca put or capuz, the detail on the fetts of krups, the cauda of the dragon, g rag en, here, the jesuit from kircher, the poison of the kness, massa, at pingo doce, the one more inside campo de ourique, see coment on video master 293, at end,

the 49, yop, semes ie l, 21 bar ra squre, seems the minister relvas, cross ruth fu firts ness, is ars, = ss, orelha, or orelhas, mec, sachiel, s ac chi hi ie el, the jesuit, the one of the 69, of the inversion,isac, isa char of the 18 mason, the one of the 69,  

prove of crime and cumlicity of cavaco silva in this attemp of murder

This video, the 295 E 16 03 2012, that is a resume of complementary statements that are done in this last sequence of video master, proves by a fact that came in portuguese news papers at the same time that the spot on my skin appear consequence of this last poisonings, that are part of this continuous attempt to murder me, a clear connection with the terrorist of state and outlaw, cavaco silva, as the court can understand by the description, and also consequently, is again a criminal charge against this outlaw, cavaco silva, for attempt of murder among all the other crimes he is doing all this years

this is also a criminal accusation for murder, against, the president of the supreme court of portugal, the public general attorney, the justice minister, the government, the president of the parliament, and all political families that are represent at the parliament

as all know, they are aware of my complains during this years, and still deny the law, this criminal behavior by law it self, without any doubt, make them, all criminals, they place is in jail!

paulo forte
20 03 2012

T hi s v ide deo, the 2 of 94 , 95, culture capital, E, mason, 16 03 20 12, t hat is isa ar, parliament, es um meo fc o mp l e men t ary state men tst hat ar ed one int cross, hi serpent la st sec ue en ceo f vase ide deo master pro ove es, sb second delta, first fac ac vase tt hat here, me in porto guese ne ws pap is rat sat from the same time, cross hat, cross he spot, tvi, on major delta serpent sk kin first from the ap of the pp pear ar, es, circle on sec vase en ceo ft , hi serpente la stp oi son ing s, cross hat ar is ep art circle leo ft, hi serpent of the continuous attempt to murder me, first dt from the ac lea parliament connection, wit man the terrorist of state and outlaw from cavaco silva, ace circle rio ss, he court can un der stand, cat rit from her, delta cross he square es c rat ip pt io n, and al soc on seq vase en cross l delta, is isa first gain, the one from a criminal charge, a gain st t hi serpent outlaw of cavaco silva, for at te mpt o f m u r der amo ong from all, cross he ot her crimes, he is sd square oi ing all cross hi sis is ars, ss,    

quarta-feira, março 14, 2012

message in a bottle

...I will make prove to this tribunal that this case is a case of terrorism made by the state it self, and a I will make clear prove that a large scale corruption reigns in portugal, and particular on police, courts, professional orders, the legislative assembly and the party system, wich also all are implicate in this process...


piece of accusation against the psychiatric s that are involved in the robber of my son

 This piece of this criminal complain, shows the crime by and made trough the three psychiatric s that appear on this process, and the attempt to declare me with a mental disturbance in the strategy to abuse and torture both, and to promote the robber of my son


I dream with you

angela markel

new up dates at sea matter


send today to all the heads of european parliament

 .... and for all above stated, as european citizen, I demand to the major european institutions, the parliament and the commission, the immediate support and rescue, political asylum, a passport, because they had still mine, and access to health care, which I can afford where, the last time I was at a doctor, I was receive with blood in the instruments, and all criminal complains are not accepted here, and means, that allow me to have juridical support and fight for my life and the life of my son and for our rights and freedom....


video public inquiry to european parliament

a loop kiss to you my love

without start or ending and another two, here

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voltaram as andorinhas ao país dos nazis e dos ladrões de crianças

voltaram as andorinhas
pois delas é o ceú
e nos muros e nos cantos
dos telhados
fazem seus ninhos
não se importam
chegar ao país dos nazis
ninguem lhes rouba nem os filhos
nem o direito
nem o pão

as andorinhas
aos nazis

inquios malvados
que vossos
filhos morram

volteiam as andorinhas
mostram me
sua cauda
como um refinado negro leque
os pardais
esses mergulham em bando
em grande discussão
picando sobre a laranjeira
quando o portão electrico
rente a estrada
com estrondo sempre se fecha

que os caixões
se fechem


ladroes de filhos
de infancias
vos pague
em mesmo

up dates at sea matters


55 up dates at sea matters today 07 03 2012

i created a new point, 50.1, where i published a key concerning this matter of the eggs and rock at meco

point 51, under the tex already published, a new version more complete about the coffin id

point 55, this one, transcription of the hand notes about the debris in NY, from the view of the documentary, 911 revisited, that are original publshid at