terça-feira, março 20, 2012

293 M eggs of waters part thirty three,

this part is mainly about the killing of childs from belgiam in a scholl bus
and becames integrant part of the public criminal inquiry to european institutions

some correspondence )(, this symbol is connect with this killing in brussels, it must appear, in other word, must be visibel somewhere
sib bel, sib, bank masons, make sense in the ccount of the pass they have done at the same time,

s o me cor r es pond en ce )(, t h i s sy mb o lis , connect wit h this killing in brussels, it mu st a pp pear, in ot her word, mu st be v isi sin bel s o me w here, sib bel, sib, bank masons, make sense in the cc o un t o ft, he p ass they h ave d one at the same time,

this symbol )( with a trace of connection between them, sum also, a name simeon, si meo, pt, 29,

the ass of this murder, is connected with the figure of the crocodile, crocodile, is ba bal on, in act, babalon have the name correspondence q it h abel, the lady that look the hand of the sword , ara di it square, the building,  buik d ing, of the son in lawer of cavaco silva

t, he ass, o ft ,his murder, is c on nec ted wit h t he fi g ur e  o ft, he crocodile, c roco cod di ile , is ba bal on, in act, b aba l on h ave the name cor r es pond en ce q it h abel, t he lady t hat l ook the hand o ft, he, sw sord , ara di it square, the b ui l ding,  buik d ing, of the son in lawer of cavaco silva

also by the spirit i heard, the com connected with the lawerys fac, make also sense, because at the, same, sime, time, i was working on the trasnlation of the accusation against the laweer, pedro, that is involved in the act of torture and the robber of my son, the one that works for the criminal alady, adao, vera, the one from ps

al also,  b y, the spi rit i he ard, t he com c on nec ted wit h the la w ery s fac, m ak e also s en se, bec au use at the si me time, i w as wor king on the t ra sn la ti on o ft, he accusation a gain st the la we is rat, pedro, t hat is involved in the act, of tor t ur e and t he ro bb ero rof fm y son,  t he one t hat wor k s for the criminal al ad dy, adao, vera, the one from ps

and also some other correlations, with the conscience that i stated, that show that the terrorist had change the  coffe machine krups, perhaps even aiming that i share this lecture

in reality seems that they have change the machine, the robbers and terrorist!!!!! fuck, this fascist  country!!!!!

with the number of the motor inside the krups,
120= twelve hours, do ze hor ace, december circle,190, taxi mercedes, square star, 325, the 69, rose 77, the number that also appears in the master with the eua map and france, where seems also today siome childs whore m,urder at a scholl, a hebrew scholl,

the 49, as orubus, ca put or capuz, the detail on the fetts of krups, the cauda of the dragon, g rag en, here, the jesuit from kircher, the poison of the kness, massa, at pingo doce, the one more inside campo de ourique, see coment on video master 293, at end,

the 49, yop, semes ie l, 21 bar ra squre, seems the minister relvas, cross ruth fu firts ness, is ars, = ss, orelha, or orelhas, mec, sachiel, s ac chi hi ie el, the jesuit, the one of the 69, of the inversion,isac, isa char of the 18 mason, the one of the 69,  

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