terça-feira, março 20, 2012

prove of crime and cumlicity of cavaco silva in this attemp of murder

This video, the 295 E 16 03 2012, that is a resume of complementary statements that are done in this last sequence of video master, proves by a fact that came in portuguese news papers at the same time that the spot on my skin appear consequence of this last poisonings, that are part of this continuous attempt to murder me, a clear connection with the terrorist of state and outlaw, cavaco silva, as the court can understand by the description, and also consequently, is again a criminal charge against this outlaw, cavaco silva, for attempt of murder among all the other crimes he is doing all this years

this is also a criminal accusation for murder, against, the president of the supreme court of portugal, the public general attorney, the justice minister, the government, the president of the parliament, and all political families that are represent at the parliament

as all know, they are aware of my complains during this years, and still deny the law, this criminal behavior by law it self, without any doubt, make them, all criminals, they place is in jail!

paulo forte
20 03 2012

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