sexta-feira, março 30, 2012

public criminal inquiry to european institutions

this letter, a public criminal inquiry to european institutions  as send the day 20, as you all can confirm here in this blog, until now, even after resending, because apparently some email adress whore unknow, i do not have any anwser, which as always remenber, is also a anwser  

  1. do you think I have a kind of lack of diplomacy, when I m sick most part of my days, due the constant attempt to murder me, that occurs at the european country where I live, that acts as a nazi state, denying all the rights and assurances and protections that are due to a citizen by laws
  2. the fact is, that I send to you all, a SOS open letter many months ago on September last year, and I did not receive any answer from none of you, with the episodes that you all aware in the middle, first a apparently crime of deviation of a letter that the president of the parliament wrote to me, and second, a unacceptable letter from a so call citizen inquiry services, because its content, is a crime by it self, that perhaps was also forged or deviated in between
  3. in this letter and the many following contacts I gave to you all in the parliament and in particular to each one of the individuals under, as heads of all european political families, the account of the situation that many subject me and my son almost during this last decade, a crime that I have proved in public way, behind any reasonable doubt, that I can and law also, consider a crime of international conspiracy against two european citizens in particular and many others around the world..... 

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