sábado, abril 07, 2012

Accusation concerning the crime made trough and with the portuguese state, in the court of family and miners of lisbon

in the last part of this process, I gave the written account, of the crimes the conspirators have done with the criminal and active participation of three psychiatric in front, and certainly at least, one more behind as planning and commander head, that behind be part of the crimes that I consider torture, abuse and slavery, also aimed as practical action, by declaring me as suffering from a mental disturbance, and my son suffering from anxiogenic as consequence of that, prepare the false arguments that allows this criminal judge to make official the robber and consequently all the other crimes, namely torture above both

today, is the day seven of April 2012, I m still sick by this last attempt of murder, the demand of medical care and political asylum, did not had any answer until now, and I m playing a kind of chess with death, as a father never abandon to defend his son, even until dead, and I m just now trying to translate to english the argumentation that I had try to present to the court of family and miners in lisbon, concerning the defense of my son


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