quinta-feira, abril 19, 2012

Criminal accusation against cavaco silva on robber and more

 Criminal accusation against cavaco silva on robber and more

Today 18 april 2012, at 18h30 i enter the coffee ritalinos, I asked the man a sg packet, and i gave him 20 euros, he gave me exchange of ten, I say to him that I gave 20 euros and I’m sure about it, at the moment there was another man enter the coffee, but I’m not sure we saw, the money on the balcony. This is order by the security man of the terrorist and murder cavaco silva, that many times as account on book of life, launch there

This shows to the court, how bad and small this criminal cavaco silva, his, the question now will be to see in the next days what disgrace they provoke

Many around knew already that they whore preparing this robber , not only on the street, which means that some had listen the agreement to this still, and also in the newspapers, under the cover of fmi, where they announce that new cuts, will come

As I proved, this criminal and murder, cavaco silva, is implied in the robber and act of torture under my son an myself, and he had make prove of his guilty, because he did not answer, but this is only a crime among many perpetuated by him

I will never enter the coffee again and in the absence of justice, I pray that God pay them all

Lisbon, 18 of April 2012, 18: 48

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