quinta-feira, abril 19, 2012

eggs of waters, part 41

 To European criminal court and to all

Concerning the master 304 M 18 04 2012, that include, the original footage of the master 270 M 22 11 2011 and the 190 E 04 11 2011, and an introductory comment concerning the new conscience that arise in me, be one detail, the key holder, and the similarity with the form that I draw, concerning the egg on the official pavilion of Portugal at expo 98, and the key that appears to me in the sum at this moment of this analyze.

As I say in the introductory comment, I think in this moment, that this initial comment that was also recorded recent, has been erase by the state terrorist, and this prove before all, they guilty, and the constant cover that all here in Portugal at all official levels and medias are doing during all this years concerning the major killing, that was the tsunami 2005.

After publishing this videos, above reference, in my book of life, and namely at the sea matters, I also return to them, and there is also there, some texts concerning other partial sums on this images

Other pieces of id concerning expo time, and the oriental towers at expo place, that also mirror in a certain way, the two towers in NY, 911, came to me as described in other more recent videos, one in particular, connect, the image of tripods and bottles of wine, which means elevated phallus, with one of that towers, and a blog, the rock and the sword, and apparently a banker, nuno artur silva.

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