terça-feira, maio 29, 2012

and two kiss to you my love at kiss


More or less one month that I’m not here in this space

Indeed a crime also occurs in this space; they had changed the domain from, com. , to pt., without any previous announcement or agreement.

The terrorist one again had erase most part of my criminal accusation, and many texts that are on line concerning this subjects, are subtle adulterated, to cut in them the lecture sense.

I’m still not well, and the terrorist are also denying the right of medical care, this do not surprise me in a Nazi country where all the rights are deny for almost a decade.

In the hospital, they all seem more interested in playing scenes and shadows that care they function

But the spirit as confirm to me that I have reason concerning the crimes at hospital

For this reason and fact, this is again a criminal accusation of continuous attempt of murder, against all the state and all the individual that are where previous accused for the same reasons

The terrorists still enter my house and erase all kind of document, but this is the daily bread in a Nazi country.

One more month more, still any answer to my complaints

Encontrei o terrorista do Mercedes, o vizinho depois da cena que me fizeram quando agora estive outra vez às portas da morte, perguntei-lhe o que fora aquilo, mentiu-me.