quarta-feira, julho 04, 2012

yesterday Cameron image at pt news papers

Strange image of Cameron yesterday on the cover of a newspaper here

Is “perfil”, where in his face he see, two wrinkles on the forehead and more two in the eye like parallels. The headlines speak complementary about an a politician, pro-European, that perhaps had change political position in the last times, as never seem before, in this case, a conservator from the liberals group

This particular signs in his face that whore on purpose show, seems reflect recent lines concerning the rails, underground metro on Moscow or others, the line of a mark of the forehead, and the pass, marks, in vision, lines approached at Gulbenkian garden recite

Summing other anterior detail, his saying, also say, the “petro” from polis, which means, a certain Pedro, there are two on the table right now, as all can understand from the criminal accusation above published, but one, had a connection with polis, in the sense translation, of CML, the Council of Lisbon, petro, also seems translate a kind of dinaussarian, perhaps an old dragon, that also seems fit his id, Pedro Santana Lopes, or someone from is group

Paulo forte
And the key in cut words
Is “per fil”, w here, in his face, he see, two w rin k l es on the for, e head and more two in the eye l ike par alle ls. T he he ad lines sp e ak com p lem ant ary about ana politician, pro European, that pea r h ps h ad c h ange poli g t ic la posi ti o n i n, t he la st times, as n eve r se e m bef o re
T hi s p art ti cu l ar si g n s in his face, t hat whore on p ur pose sho w, se e ms ref le ct re cent lines c on ce r ning the rails, un der g r o un d metro on Moscow or ot her s, t he line o fa mark of the for he ad, and t he p ass, mar k sin v isi sion son, lines ap pro roc, he ed at gulbenkina garden rec it
S um ming ot her ante rio rat square eta tail, hi serprnet is sa ying also sa Y, the “petro” fr om pol is wich, me first io en ns, a ce rta in pedro, there are two on the t able rig h t now, as all can un der serpent cross and fr om the criminal accusation ab ove pub lish ed, but one, h ad a connection with p o lis, in the serpent es en set ra ns la ti o n no f C ML, the Co of the un cilo, silo, f Lis bon, petro, also se is ms cross ran serpent late a kin indo fp per rit io da ac cle dina uss aria ian, pera p h sa old dragon, cross hat al es serpent circle se , is ms fit hi serpent si id. pedro S ant ana fromLopes, circle rat serpent om is us one from I s g r circle up

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