sexta-feira, agosto 03, 2012

351 E 02 08 2012, a new criminal accusation against cavaco silva, his wife and others

This is a criminal accusation against Cavaco Silva and his wife, Maria Cavaco Silva, at the European criminal court, as described in this video, which is a prove of the following crimes:

Complicity or mandate of crime of robber of propriety that was in my home, complicity with the bandits association that commits these crimes for many years in total impunity until now.

Crime against the rights of person, attempt of castration, and crime against the privacy and the good name and honor of a person, in this case, myself.

Also prove concerning Cavaco Silva as president of this corrupt and criminal republic, his active participation on this constant and going on crime of conspiracy against my son and me, and prove also by the nature of this crime, that the argument sometimes evoked on public space in diagonal mode, as the bandits and outlaws always do, that many of the constant crimes against the law and my privacy, including constant, spy, control and robbers, due by reasons of state security, are a lie.

I remember to all, that this criminal, Cavaco silva, a man that apparently fulfill the most high function on this highly corrupt republic, that was elected first time to this function by a trick, is denying me and my son the fulfillment of the law, the right of defense and claim from many years as I the facts proved behind any reasonable doubt in my book of life.

If someone, a judge, or a police, connected with Curia, the European criminal court, was killed at that time, as again appears on this recent line, perhaps he was researching the question of the elections trick.

Paulo forte
02 08 2012

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