terça-feira, agosto 21, 2012

377 E 18 08 2012 criminal accusation against Portugal Telecom, the killing in India,


 In this video extract, from a comment around a recent image from ban kin moon, is approached some of the constant crimes that Portuguese telecom make against me during many decades, no one answer until now, and crimes against many, like the killing of three hundred youngsters in India, in the water party. 

Of course other crimes in India are also approached in my book of life, thought detailed analyses, like the murder of lady Bhutto, that for what I read at that moment, had also pass from here, Lapa, that perhaps is the same group behind the crime of day six to seven July, and now, remembering this murder, I’m start asking if this killing of water party, is connected or not with this. Lady Bhutto lines, also mingles an image with Sarkozy and Carla Bruni at Egypt , as I commented in book of life at that time.

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