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379 E 20 08 2012, a crime complaint against the Portuguese state, crime against the state of law, bad faith and robber and abuse of citizens, update on the tricky pass concerning my drive license on day 07 07 2012, published at accusation against Portuguese state institutions.

Criminal complaint against all the Portuguese authorities and others

This video 379 E 20 08 2012, is an update on once more a crime of constant persecution against me done day 6 07 and 07 07 this year, that as I proved, here, 334 E 10 07 2012,  in another video statement concerning this crime, was also implied and perhaps even the commander, the actual criminal that claims to be prime minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, which is also proved by his public declarations after, trying once more to disguise this crime of persecution as a kind of study around the needs of fusion between different judiciary and police departments, trying once more to create after committed the crime, the illusion, that I m a kind of dog in his service, or in the service of the republic.

This second fact and prove is also comment by me in the video statement, 350 M 28 07 2012, a larger statement on this crime of my arrest day 06 07 2012, and other crimes, on the field of finances persecutions constant act, are also approached

These modus operands prove by it, the kind of pervert man he is, less than a dog, first committed a crime against a citizen that is persecute from all as his child, for many years, in total impunity of the entire system criminal, and then try to present as a kind of study.

This also has a name according the frame of the law in Portugal and in Europe, one of the worst facets of this constant crime, a disguise slavery, made many times with acts of torture, and all kind of menaces and all kind of blackmails, support in the crime of having my son as hostage, and for this facts and reasons, I also charge them with this old crime of humankind, that seems be protected by many at European levels, because they also act in these criminals ways and benefit from it.

I remember the Court, that at the same time I had denounce in public space a crime against the public health due at Pingo Doce, one of the major chains of food distribution, near the police station where I was arrest three hours, the time the police take to make the legal proceedings, as they explain due by problems on the computers, and where also a detail in a paper that they do not deliver to me at the end, prove that this was a prepared persecution.

This case against common public health, is also proved, by the public comments of the representative of the association of the supermarkets, and the minister, Assunção Cristas at the same time in the parliament, recognizing that the polices on this domain are a failure.

Just before in the time line, as I gave the account on video 301 E 11 04 2012, the criminal Pedro Passos Coelho, had stolen a political recommendation that I had done the day before concerning this important matters on public health security.

I had also tried to contact the public delegate of Lisbon, and as usually I still do not have any answer.
This police station, at Calvario, is the same where happen a recent fact accounted on this video, 237 14 12 2011 with strange resonances, of acts of international terrorism, or partial veils, the case of the letter bombs received by a Swiss banker, the Marie line and the killing of Belgian child’s.

Briefly remember to all and to the Courts if one, in the video  342 E  17 07 2012,  I comment a prove that Pedro Passos Coelho is behind this crime, as proved by his one declarations at radio, in the city of Portugal, Borba, speaking about a “trace, and the first trace “a mark, that someone, perhaps even him, had made to me long time ago, that is constant “word” or disguise In all this crime as I also comment and prove in the video where I analyze in detail, what happened.

Summing his declarations after, and images apparently without any other sense then, creating as usually an illusion and a scape in front, this prove is very clear to all, and behind any reasonable doubt, and also sum, with same process in recent pass, as I have been describing in my book of Life, ourosobreazul.blogspot.com. Here the links with some examples.

This crime of day six to seven of July 2012, also the date of the anniversary of the killing in London same years ago, as also a remember in the comment, had aim cover many other crimes, as the facts that occur in this days, also prove, and show a conjugate operation between different branches of the police and courts, better explaining, a kind of fight, as the image, after on newspaper, from the lady Candida from diap, under the PGR, public attorney, show and give eventually other contents concerning other large killings like tsunamis. This line can be understood, also in videos statements, as also some facts concerning the bombs in London that reemerge by the date.

Concerning the crime of seizure of my drive license, I demand a conviction of the Portuguese state by the fallow facts and reasons.

Apparently as explained in the video,348 M 25 07 2012, from 1:20:48,  the government run at that time, 2000, by Pedro Santana Lopes, also a PSD criminal, as proved in other accusations, have done and approved a law in the parliament concerning the transposition of communitarian rules relatives to the ages subjects to examine to the renewal of drives licenses.

And they had also committed a crime of bad faith, because they seems had forget in they constant posture and acts of constant abuse of powers, to send a notification to all the drives that will be affected with the new legislation.

Based on this act of bad faith against all, they had mount this trick to among others goals, take away my drive license, and obliged me to do certain steps with prepared “mis en scene” as I gave the detailed account in video statement and is by itself prove of this “mis en scene”

Also I heard by spirit that at least part of the preparation of this crime was paid. A professional provocateur agent and one thousands euros payment, connected with the newspaper, many time also proved as all, in this conspiracy, the Y.

Other crime at the level of this law itself, is the fact that they had create new organism that will veil for the application fulfilling the new needs in the field of exams, that still do not exist until now, and by this reason this law has no practical application until this date, and therefore must be immediate suspended.

Then people must get a medical statement to deliver to IMTT, and as show in the video upper, this official certificate, issue by a state institutions, is not well done, according the requisite of the law, concerning the definitions of the categories, and this is again a crime of bad faith against the citizens, and a way to robber money.

The law define a condition, of aptitude of medical exams to have a drive license, but in the case that apply to my case and certainly concerning others, that must be subject again to what they call, drive exams, obtain a paper that is essentially as show on the video, an invoice receive document, that have no kind of mention, saying that is an official document, that serve to replace the license, and allow to drive meanwhile, in the terms of the lady that attend me, as a license to learn how to drive.

This paper and the two others that a citizen gets at IMTT, a prove of deliver of documents which are, one photo, the medical certificate, and a photocopy of the identification card, a facture receive of the inscription on new exams or others, and another facture receive, that allows the driver to drive only in Portugal, until the exams, are issue at the balcony by a lady and a printer, and the citizen paid for them a sum of 75 euros, which is basically a robber, or a one more official trick to get money from the citizens, after being waiting for some hours.

All the facts that occurred in the court, next day, where I was present also show a crime as proved by my statement, and also once more an attempt of murder, because again, after this act of persecution, I had heavy pains on my liver. This court is the same that is charged and prove by me, implicate of the crime of robber, abuse and act of torture of my son and me.

All this facts clear point, that once more the government as used a transposition od a communitarian law to mount a crime against the state of law, the rights of citizens and do not fulfill, the surplus of security issues, that this law alteration aim, and is based.

Aside a demand of full investigation on the details of this case, the demand of a conviction to the Portuguese state, and also a conviction of the prime minister for, again, an act of persecution, I ask a compensation of one hundred thousand euros.
Paulo forte
21 08 2012  

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