segunda-feira, agosto 13, 2012

todays email to Angela Markel

Dear Angela Markel,

In the absence of all the answers, I must insist in all the questions, and return to one of the last that I ask you, concerning the image that appears where in the back page of a newspaper with two mans, one seems your husband, that we all know is a physician, that perhaps you remember, some time I had in the past address to him in his quality concerning the analyze, study or comment on these fields.

The image that had appear here in the newspaper, that I had already give you, the account, had a clear link or propose “mis en scene”, normally with a clear purpose of incrimination, with a detail that I had recent approached concerning the image of Tervuren, Belgian, and roses dance phases.

This image had become a kind of key image on the global point of analyze concerning many big disgraces, in the world, as I have been explain to all in recent video masters, already publish, namely London bombs, and tsunamis matters.

The detail in the image that here recent appears, that I presume include your husband and another more younger man, was the mix between both shadows behind project in the classical blue screen, and in a way, speaks of different shadows phases, or one that is or was formed by two man, and result in a different phase, that is also a concept that is in the table concerning frequency waves and carries frequency’s, as way to create these disgraces, and by this reason, this point is very important to clarify to all.

Here three photo frames extract from the first dance piece of Anne Therese of roses dance phases, the piano phase, or the pi on the year of the ph, ase, that seems asae, the mason Asiatic group, or tsunami, which show the link between the two photos.

The first one in the beginning of the choreography, a suggestion of sea in front, two body’s, four shadows, that became three, the middle one by sum, in a kind of out of phase, like the metaphor that I extrapolated from the Gwen movie, and the satellites lines.

A general shoot, where the idea of sea is more reinforce, as waves by the neon lights on the floor, three lamps or objects in the sky like satellites, and two kind of cubic stones, old line that links the matters of waters, arachnid, Tejo river, old electrical plant, and by images of Nicole, Australia, Australia parliament, which also means the place of the tsunami 2005.

Serial music, as concept of series, digital writes, and rotations, that also are suggested in the photo with your husband, by the two wheel in the chair, that also being a chair also remind what I called in my analyze, “the throne” id image that is visible in the fallen of the towers in NY.

Abbreviating this question at this moment, I would like to ask you, my Lady, if your husband in his field of expertise, perhaps with others has arrived to a conclusion concerning the methods behind these tragedies, and also who is behind and if so, what is the official statement of European authorities about.

All the many dead’s in these disgraces, have right to rest, a right that normally in due by the ones who stay, and rest, is getting peace because the truth is finally understood, and the actions due.

I also re published today the video 329 M 29 06 2012 prove of recent crimes at my home, where I gave to all the account on one of the more sophisticated crimes that they had commit against me during all this years of persecution, when recent, the terrorists cover by all the Portuguese authorities, put me to sleep during some fallow days and the crimes that I discover at that time inside my home.

I recent heard concerning Denver killing, that the money that they had robber to me in this time, was used to kill the boys at America.

I’m asking you and all once more, how it’s possible that European authorities sustain these terrorists of the Portuguese state, proved ad infinitum by the constant absence of answers all this years, are covering and some of them active participating in these criminals’ acts all around the world.

I demand a criminal inquiry on these criminal acts and the ones also committed at this moment, once more, against me.

Paulo forte
Lisbon, 12 08 2012

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