sexta-feira, novembro 16, 2012

Sent now by email to Germany Parliament

To the President and Parliamentarians of the German Parliament.

Dears Lady’s and Sirs

I have sent to you an email day 10 10 2012 , , without any answer until this day, other that perhaps what I can consider some oblique lines coming from Lady Chancellor Angela Markel, and before that, others in a newspaper here by the minister of industry, if a remember well his function.

However, the content of my first email was concerning crimes and deaths of child’s in your country and what can I also consider the strange behavior of Germany embassy here in Lisbon Portugal.

I sending to you all now, two links, to two videos recently published in my open space of communication,, the second one with an inquiry to all, to Germany and to Lady Chancellor during her recent visit to Portugal, and a first one recorded before, that is important to understand the truth of the stated and to her inquiry.

You will need to translate both, because this time, they are spoken in Portuguese.

I would appreciate an answer, or the answer as non-answer and what it always translates to all.

With my compliments

Paulo forte

16 11 2012

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