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I just remark, last week, that among recent stolen files, there was a new version of sea matters, with some important updates.

1. All a folder, with original of the texts, photos, draws, and some videos
The terrorists must be the same, because they let a common signature, some of the files, photos with texts, and other elements are replaced with apparently the same, but is low resolution, so low, that I cannot even read, for instance the manuscript notes that after I had scan.

2. Atocha master video high resolution, a new edit as I stated recent in a video master, that brings new light concerning this killing, and by the fact that is in high resolution, can be even broadcast.

3. Perhaps other important documents, that I cannot check them all until this moment

Many originals, specially the hand writings ones, have been disappearing all this years, by peoples that in a criminal way, enter every days my house from many years, and many of them as all know, concerning question of analyze of acts of terror all around the world, the sum, is obvious, concerning, who can be behind, what the motivations and goals.

Many of these documents worth also a lot of money, as all know, and I heard many times by the spirit that some, have promise a lot of millions by all my archives, but this is a robber, even all my intellectual production that are in blogs, contrary to what Google claim, that is a crime, until now not punished. I demand justice, I demand as I have ask in the past the intervention of European and world wide courts and police on this matters.

All this crimes are done, or protected, by the so call authorities, who according the law are thieves!

This is also a addenda to the criminal complaint submitted to the European Justice Provider and to the Portuguese General Public Attorney, PGR, against Sonae, Worten and may others, because the absence of answers, first from Sonae and worten and also from the authorities, clear prove that this crimes on my computers was done expressly to allow the continuous robber of information’s, and this fact, also reinforce the criminal charge that they are also actively participating in this crime of international conspiracy against my son, me, and many others.

I stress to all, that according the law, Sonae and Worten was obliged to answers me within 15 days counting from my claim, and until now, as seems normal in this abnormal ad putrid state of law, I still do not have any answers from them.

I won’t back all that you have robber and I won’t you all in jail!

I won’t back all that you have robber all these years and I won’t you all in jail!

I won’t an effective assurance by the authorities that according to the law, my right’s as citizens are respect, namely the protection of my creation and intellectual propriety, my privacy and respect!.

The constant deny of the law and the right’s that law consecrates by all the authorities, is in practical terms, a crime, and have also a practical consequence, because this say that authorities, state and society are allowing the pay back, under or at the side of law, namely by killings or burning of companies installations, and if this will happen, the first responsibility is from the authorities and the sate itself!

16 11 2012
Paulo forte

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