domingo, dezembro 23, 2012

to GOOGLE, to Obama and to ONU

To the financial director of Google
Mr. Eric Schmidt
Shall then be a good, faithful capitalist, in God we trust, and perhaps not a tax runaway, or worst, even know that fiscal paradise still exist for some, and the American economy is growing fast, and in the dollar we also trust, because the bill have His eye.
knowing that you had made some savings in taxes, surely you can send me a check in the amount of three billions dollars to pay the robber of my concept of internet tv, canal zero that after had became you tube, that currently belongs to your company, Google.
its Christmas time and I have to invite a large family not only to dinner but also to lunch, and breakfast, of eleven thousands children's in daily basis, and also for this fact, I would appreciate a proposal of regular income for the future concerning the use of my concept applications.
is better to send someone with the check in my name, that I m sure that you know, in hand, because I live in a country in the fascists hands where not only children's are stole, but also all my communications, including through the posts are diverted.
I also appreciate that Google put all my texts and other materials on line in its original creation.
many thanks
hoping made more business with you
paulo forte
23 12 2012
with copy sent to president Obama, through the embed email system on the white house page and other to ONU, addressed to Mr. Ban Kin Moon

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