quarta-feira, janeiro 11, 2012

criminal complain against cavaco silva, first part

Criminal complain at the european criminal court against cavaco silva as citizen and in his public function of president of the republic of portugal, for many crimes, for being one of the heads of this crime of conspiracy against me and my son, for the crime of stole and abuse of my son, for crime of torture, for many attempts of murder me, for crime of robber, for crimes against the state of law and continuous abuse of power, for many crimes of corruption and crimes against humankind in the form of bandits association

as proved in the part of this accusation call, crime complain against portuguese presidency, this criminal, cavaco silva, his aware for many years of this crime of conspiracy, act of torture, stole and abuse on my child and me, and he did not any action to fulfill the competences that he carry by law and function, more, he had prove by the facts that are account on that part of this accusation, how he is a man of bad character, because to cover his and others, of have done criminals acts, he had sacrifice one of his right hands, a friend for many years that serve him at the presidency

this criminal cavaco silva is a child molester and this is prove by the child’s it self, as I gave the account on book of life some time ago in two analyzes about what show the reaction of child’s in front of him...



prove and accusation against portuguese tv, SIC

this is a prove and a criminal accusation against sic, as active acting on this crime of international conspiracy
i remenber the court that the owner of sic, balsemão, is also one of the founder of the so call social democratic party here, correspondence with the elephants in america

this is a prove of this constant crime, and worst an exemple of many during this years how this televison is a kind of danger sybil every day, in a very subtil way, but crimes according the law

marie ll

there as detail concernig the last image comming from a recent news here comment, about the suiss banker, the woman and the trading of coins, that still dancing on my mind, the draw of his hair due the position of his head, also seems correspond to the draw of the pala of siza, at expo, which is also image of big sea wave

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new old kiss

if we can say from kisses


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