quarta-feira, março 14, 2012

message in a bottle

...I will make prove to this tribunal that this case is a case of terrorism made by the state it self, and a I will make clear prove that a large scale corruption reigns in portugal, and particular on police, courts, professional orders, the legislative assembly and the party system, wich also all are implicate in this process...



piece of accusation against the psychiatric s that are involved in the robber of my son

 This piece of this criminal complain, shows the crime by and made trough the three psychiatric s that appear on this process, and the attempt to declare me with a mental disturbance in the strategy to abuse and torture both, and to promote the robber of my son


I dream with you

angela markel

new up dates at sea matter

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send today to all the heads of european parliament

 .... and for all above stated, as european citizen, I demand to the major european institutions, the parliament and the commission, the immediate support and rescue, political asylum, a passport, because they had still mine, and access to health care, which I can afford where, the last time I was at a doctor, I was receive with blood in the instruments, and all criminal complains are not accepted here, and means, that allow me to have juridical support and fight for my life and the life of my son and for our rights and freedom....

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video public inquiry to european parliament

a loop kiss to you my love

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