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Criminal accusation against cavaco silva on robber and more

 Criminal accusation against cavaco silva on robber and more

Today 18 april 2012, at 18h30 i enter the coffee ritalinos, I asked the man a sg packet, and i gave him 20 euros, he gave me exchange of ten, I say to him that I gave 20 euros and I’m sure about it, at the moment there was another man enter the coffee, but I’m not sure we saw, the money on the balcony. This is order by the security man of the terrorist and murder cavaco silva, that many times as account on book of life, launch there

This shows to the court, how bad and small this criminal cavaco silva, his, the question now will be to see in the next days what disgrace they provoke

Many around knew already that they whore preparing this robber , not only on the street, which means that some had listen the agreement to this still, and also in the newspapers, under the cover of fmi, where they announce that new cuts, will come

As I proved, this criminal and murder, cavaco silva, is implied in the robber and act of torture under my son an myself, and he had make prove of his guilty, because he did not answer, but this is only a crime among many perpetuated by him

I will never enter the coffee again and in the absence of justice, I pray that God pay them all

Lisbon, 18 of April 2012, 18: 48

criminal complain against the ex minister of education, last pt cabinet

This is a criminal complaint to the European criminal court against the ex-education minister, from the last cabinet at this date, PS, and the Portuguese parliament, by the crime of abuse of confidence in the conduction of public affairs and common money, by crime of corruption and robber of public money, for crime of bad management of public money, and by covering it

The anterior cabinet had create an enterprise to promote works on the national schools

As came to public knowledge, not only there was many delays on this works, but worst the budget define  in the beginning, was surpassed by a huge amount of public money, this configures a crime against the republic and the state of law and all the citizens

Them these days as usual, came an inquiry on the parliament, and by what is public knowledge, the answer that the lady gave to the inquiry commission, was something in this usual kind

That in her opinion the money has good spend because in this way school get better installation’s, which as answer, says all, and I do not know until now any conclusion from this so call inquiry parliament commission, that normally cover all at end, because we, citizens, did not see until now from the many and constant inquiry’s, that from any inquiry commission came out a demand of criminal inquiry and consequently criminal responsibility, this is public money, and this absence of persecuting justice according to the law, say also that as normal, the parliament also cover this criminal acts, which by law made all the also accomplishes on this constant crimes against the people and the state

Hereby, I ask the criminal European court, a full criminal inquiry on this case

Paulo forte
16 04 2012

eggs of waters, part 41

 To European criminal court and to all

Concerning the master 304 M 18 04 2012, that include, the original footage of the master 270 M 22 11 2011 and the 190 E 04 11 2011, and an introductory comment concerning the new conscience that arise in me, be one detail, the key holder, and the similarity with the form that I draw, concerning the egg on the official pavilion of Portugal at expo 98, and the key that appears to me in the sum at this moment of this analyze.

As I say in the introductory comment, I think in this moment, that this initial comment that was also recorded recent, has been erase by the state terrorist, and this prove before all, they guilty, and the constant cover that all here in Portugal at all official levels and medias are doing during all this years concerning the major killing, that was the tsunami 2005.

After publishing this videos, above reference, in my book of life, and namely at the sea matters, I also return to them, and there is also there, some texts concerning other partial sums on this images

Other pieces of id concerning expo time, and the oriental towers at expo place, that also mirror in a certain way, the two towers in NY, 911, came to me as described in other more recent videos, one in particular, connect, the image of tripods and bottles of wine, which means elevated phallus, with one of that towers, and a blog, the rock and the sword, and apparently a banker, nuno artur silva.

read more at seamatters.blogspot.pt

302 M 15 04 2012 trip to vila real

During my stay at the hotel at Vila real, a city in the north of Portugal, as I gave the account in the video, 302 M 15 04 2012, the terrorists still again some files from my computer, and I do not know what more they had done, perhaps even attempting against my life, because as I quickly notice all my steps whore controlled even during the trip

This is a criminal complaint, once more concerning a crime of robber, and perhaps even an attempt of murder, and as citizen I demand a full police inquiry

Perhaps the beautiful blonde lady from psp, that look to me inside the police station when I was passing on the street, like she knows me, can answer me on all this subjects concerning Vila Real crimes.

I also say to all, that in the return, another old crime arise, which means, that I understand by spirit that the series of car accident on high road, some years ago, that I comment on book of life, seems coming from vila real, the serpent top hands, perhaps made with five peoples and the image, of contrary sense, reminds me another line, that also recent I again evoke, the yellow hand that was used by a lady at Asia, that was also killed 

Until this moment, 15 04 2012, I discover that the last texts concerning the accusation and in particular concerning the court of children’s and miners of Lisbon, and a lot of other documents that whore almost translate, are missing, and this points before all, a crime, and an intention of delay me again, but also seems cover other stills that had some echo last week namely in the constant veils and this time even panic that some of the high terrorist of state show in TVs news

(Bn at Vila real, the group connected with this bank, and an ab reaction, that is concern with the break of my family at 2005, as all can understand in the same video above mentioned)

Just now I realize that they change videos files on folders that must aim cover, other files that they erase, them they had change some folders, to make a confusion that do not allow me , mne, operation, to know for the moment ,exactly what they robber and still, rio, rui rio, psd porto group had made this crime, this is an accusation against the rui rio and the psd of porto

Are missing some originals video files, 101 to 112, concerning day 7 04, and 419 to 432 concerning days 15 to 18 04 2012

To the European criminal court, I ask a full inquiry namely with the content the last week appear on Portuguese television’s news, namely, an intervention of the terrorist minister pedro mota soares, and a statement of the terrorist cavaco silva

Cavaco silva, appears on TVs, in panic, as the court can see, saying among others things that pedro passos Coelho, the p.m. terrorist, had claim that a certain subject was consider by the second one as a national security question, excusing in this way to not comment further, but the question, what was considered national security question was veiled

As the court knows, also last week, I had again charge criminal the pm, based on the facts that I also gave the account in a video statement, explain again to all, that some disgrace may occur, in the sense that he had building once more, what is a word trap, the line, that certain Christmas payment only return in 2015, as it was a person that was travelling 

(Serpent ub in Christmas time, the man from ad , psd, where in the building, buik, american car, cyam , y ello dp, masculine of elle, dp of elle, model,  square English  underground bum at London)
Then the sense that is understanding, by cavaco silva panic declaration, was, that some information that some knows , was in his opinion, covered by the pm, that by functions also carries the direct control of the secret polices, from the time that another pm criminal, Socrates, had change the law in that sense, s en x,

at the same time, as I also gave the account they also still and erase where at home, some parts concerning my video statements, that among many subjects, currently, is approaching again major killings in the world, namely the towers in NY and the squaring of the image coming from birmania, lady sum, that is the image of the tsunami of 2005, and what I consider complementary image, coming from lady lagarde, the lion trio, also comment in detail in last videos

Then as I prove as infinitum for all this years, this statement from cavaco silva, is saying without saying that, the decision of still my archives, under the so call security state matters, done by this time by the same political group, the psd in alliance with the cds

I also request that the European court analyze the image of the press conference last week protagonist, by pedro mota soares, where we see, under the official content that he is speaking, by the gestures, the instruction to do this act of stealing, which also means , another crime, that they use the public appearance on TV’s for giving criminal instructions, to they gangs, this is clear expressed in the gestural language, that all can see is prepared, and show, the exchange of papers, which means that they had change some documents also, which means that they had prepared an alibi, but this line, points another killing, the tsunami at japan

Is my believe that this speech at TV from pedro mota soares, a minister, by the details expressed, shows the signal of action to they criminals to erase of change, one important detail that appears in lasts videos master, the lecture on the key concerning key holder, where appears paulo, as paulo teixira, and the missing baby, killed at 98, expo time

Returning for the first veil, the court must also sum, other declarations done by the head of lefts group in parliament, greens and communists, saying that the lapsus was not a lapsus but the collapse of the lie, this seems at the light of this always truncated, coward and criminal acting, that they all do independent of the so call political differences, sum that the major motif of panic, that the psd and cds had express is concerning with this matter

I suppose that they are calling, lapsus, to a certain word that vibrate on my lasts videos, that I comment fallowing, after realizing it, as I normally do by it value, what a vibrating word normally express in a impromptus 

The last fact, I saw it, yesterday in the tvi, the man in front at the sporting club of Portugal, the lions, the key of the xx alvalade, also polish killings and many other comments around, appear apparently comment the accusation against a referee, paulo cristovão, and the image show the delta, the chicken feet, as I called, it concerning the image of lady sum and the tsunami of 2005, symbolized by a very close shoot of his hand in the right arm of the sofa and the shield of the sporting, with the lion

The image speaks by itself, and especially if we take the detail they expressed in a so careful way, and prove again that we are in presence of a veil or an alibi

As the court can understand, many veils and alibis, are they building, and this prove before all, they guilty, and normally all the veils and alibis, are desperate reactions concerning what I’m account on the truth concerning this major crimes against humankind that all this terrorist of state cover during all this years, 

Another synchronicity that arise is concerning the tsunami of japan last year, that I started comment also in one of the last video master already published, where the terrorist cavaco silva appear on the dn in a photo receiving at belen, the official residence, a group of boys from one of the places that whore more affected

The photo show a group of children’s that whore performing a traditional dance at this reception and the head of the text highlight, was cavaco saying, that he was sure that japan will come out of the tragedy as the Portuguese’s have done at the heart shake of 1775, and this call by this reference my attention right away

Because as I say in video statement, I was again working of the key of this killing, by images, and I had write and published immediately before, a text concerning the accusation against the court of family and miners of Lisbon, my allegations that whore unaccepted by the criminal judge that is involved in the crime of stolen and abuse and torture of my son, where I gave the account of the crime procedures they with another branch of this conspiracy had done at that moment concerning the original text of the allegations that I was writing at that time, and I remember to the court that I had by that reason, used another two computers to conclude it.

I was looking the archives that still with me from that time, namely some temporary ones, due the continuous crash that the provoked, and there is one, that apparently has an automatic name, that have also the 1775 number 

I had sped almost half day opening all and recovering them, and all this texts are also missing now, which mean that they order others to still them

This prove that cavaco silva is aware in a criminal way, of all my archives, and I’m sure that have all the originals, certainly  by reason of security state like they claim to invoke, because as I proved before, he is one of the major constant stiller of all my work and life, perhaps, if they succeed to kill me, he will publish a kind of memory book of my political thoughts’ as if they whore from he, a man that is also as proved unable of writing is own speeches’

In one of the largest texts that I had recovered just now from 2006, there is a paragraph, who speaks something in this kind, a payment of money, large amount, and two girls that go against some nuclear equipment and them an explosion

When I read it now, it seems at my eyes, a prevision of what eventually had happen at japan, but of course, if they had access to all my archives, they have also the possibility to change them, and even made that change to arrange an alibi, then this have this and only, facial value and other that is true, the fact that the criminal cavaco silva, knows it

The day that I made now the trip to Vila Real, a gas station explode at one harbor in north of Portugal, I saw the new in the TVs, a name of one that was speaking seems very significant, paulo jeronimo, which means, the jeronimo, as image of the real Indian, better saying his life and acts, of a certain paulo, and a paulo, was on the table concerning the eggs of waters, at the time of expo, paulo da silva, ex atlantico, bcp, millennium, bank

And I also remember a jeronimo that appears on the blog universe some years ago, perhaps at that time, 2006

The images on news catch my attention, because they whore expressed shoot far away to expressly created and evoke the similitary with the shots that all we see at japan disaster, this is clear, because the nature of the explosion and the fact of being gasoline, don’t justify this kind of images as the court can analyze by itself, as also this say that they are trying to build this link in this way, this can be an attempt of framing more some innocent’s as this terrorist constant try to do all this year’s specially when I charge them

(Si from the military with alcohol, and a recent detail, someone had let outside my mail box at the building an apparent letter from a court in the name of another military, spinola, and what I read in spirit, was the one accountable for the acceleration, what came to mind, was the question on 2005, namely when they attempt to murder me at that point, this seems also connected with the last comment on the news coming from cia and the pressure of the military’s above the politicians

The explosion, or apparently explosion occur at the harbor of matosinhos, and this is the first synchronicity or apparent one, because the day before, as the court can see in the video, “the second day at the oriental health public center” on 11 04 2012,  I speak about two architects, soto, from Porto, and them soutinho, saying that the building seems soutinho, because seems also the house of the council of matosinhos
More strange this came, because this house, oriental public health center, is also very close to the lines, even some details, and one in particular, with my old installation of my company, Latina Europa at the street diogo do couto, also again quoted recently, and had acquire others meaning during the trip and the images that I saw 

In the second day that I was there, when waiting, or apparently waiting for this doctor, that have a familiar name, moleiro, the one of made the bread, the windmill, that is also the symbol of the council of Lisbon and also appear on the trip images, and have other translation that point gulbenkian group, by the writer dinis machado, which means, axa, another doctor more young come out at the consulter, and I had a strange perception concerning him at that moment and another theater that another had done, like saying about someone spying my computer of writings with an apple note pad

And then came this reading about a doctor and child’s murder, that seems also connected with underground matters, London, and also this image had some developing’s on the trip, nearby Lisbon, ribatejo.

After the reading at the entrance of the underground of olivais where before are other readings concerning the beast of the teeth’s and the mouth of the beast, as visible in the video 11 04 2012 , second day at the oriental health center, where now appears an red X, also recent lines, about red concerning London matters, and a M of Mary with a leg bigger than other, that reminds me a English model, Linda McCartney, poly mi lite, or mc, mac, car ti delta x, the mac hunter of the culture minister, nini, mini serpent terry, or mc, music, or Eisenstein on the beach, math’s formulas of movement, contraction and dilatation, on matters, also pregnancy and births and abort, or space time movements, mne net, old lines in book of life concerning the analyze of the underground logo itself and other readings in metro matters, 

A high white leg, rank, that make the connections, between the interior red square and the outside, and the green heart , ary , on the building next this entrance, and many others details at place like the totem’s, the braun totem of the yellow square, like cabo es pi c hel, first seven, el 

Maria cross infinites, at the health center oriental, orient, health center, the infinites, the bad orient mary, and the new doctor, and the one, the harpoon, on the middle of the top of the stairs, ascençao, ascension, ace c en sion eu, of the two columns, like LE installations at diogo do couto, the rails on the floor, are similar to the ones in Latina Europa, in the part of the cement floor with the bull prints, seems be ana drago group, star table vesica Pisces,  psi sic ei is, black sky, silver stair with feminine leg as columns  wood, dancers, and the harpoon, the falos that crossed her, supported by others, 515= mna, eleven, the unveil, the 

And the sky more or less in the same point that in the return the Arco iris, show, what I suppose be the place where a child or a corps is buried, in the region from where came paula roque, the stiller receptionist at Latina Europa, see ref in book of life, then , one of the Stiller’s, the man from psd, connected with wine, the image of bed games 101, digital bed games, line, the one of the cross between av of church and av aeroporto, airport,  os car from the monteiro, cds, group, from orient towers, expo, expo time, mono, delta es, 101 sn hooker, the one that appear on my spirit at the reading in the night, the devil from ren, or the devil of the magnetic process,  101 games of bed, zil,. Gil, expo time, space time contractions and dilations also mean bums, the one that still a formula, again this line, the double unity formula

The image on the sky was like a child lay down as she had a  sleeping hat, barrete, barreto can tor tp circle, region ribatejo, or also a reference to Christmas time, or a childs that was lay down on the sky, killed,  a feeling of death, first seems a baby, after by the size a child, maybe an echo of the image of the baby monster, ny line towers, more later on eva tv, bus tv, the green eva of the tv bus, a face whit an effect of hurricane, a question, who I am, and then appear Madonna, by the spirit, that she also had access to that network, the bus one, group one, a experts group that can change reel time content in different networks

This image seems speak about towers in NY, also, see last videos, key alfa beto, alfa bety, a alfa from a certain bety

Yesterday already at Lisbon, the image concerning what seems blood they had put on my pc this time during my sleep at the hotel, had an echo at the supermarket pingo doce in campo de ourique, a man shows me a similar spot on the white arm, like a doctor, better saying pointing the doctor, the lamina at Latina Europa, and I read, the rings of the pro, from the vulva of the ox of ford from the  reo royal colors, blue and white, from the English institute, Cambridge, the same line that the two brothers from the Nepal shop show me in recent day at the garden, as I gave the account on video
Small recent notes 

The iva from maia, model passage, on the beach, near porto, see ref book life, echo from matosinhos, the jeronimo of paulo

The red semi arc on circle roma, rtp, the Fernanda felgueiras group. 
In vila real, the spirit speaks about two cross, xx, alva lade, from the, finances fiscal, irs, from the raposa, the fox of the sword, I saw one at the family photo in mateus house, Teresa forte, which is not from my family, but worked in Latina Europa, last time I saw her, as I gave the account on book of life, she as passing inside an official car of minister of finances,  two cross made during my stay at vila real, perhaps long time ago, a story with hookers on the road without gas, as I told once in book of life

When I’m coming out of the house of mateus, two ladies all dress in black, whore there gardening, I say hello to them, one of them with a mouse almost without teeth’s but a large smile, smile to me, and her mouchoir, fall at that moment, I say to her, lady our mouchoir had fall, perhaps more correct to say, that another lady let her veil fall, at a certain point, this image is almost erase, I suppose by purpose from the terrorists

Bela a antiga rua descendo para alvão, chão tapetado em negro xisto, como negros véus, em meu ser, o coração bailava alva alvão

Ao lado da ponte vos vi nela atravessando, silhueta de rara beleza que comigo depois se cruzou, por um instante vos fiz poisar, pedindo-vos um indicação de caminho, não vos quis reter, e quando nossos passos começaram no breve instante a se afastar, vi em sua face a tristeza, ah bela senhora de meu coração, quem me dera ter caminhado para sempre em sua companhia, sabei senhora, que nesta conjura, raras são as raparigas que querem poisar a meu lado, tao raro, que eu próprio me dou comigo a não querer incomodar, e de repente, ali naquele pedaço de paraíso, vi a intenção contrária em sua face, tao raro senhora, me crieis, por isso vos digo se me encontrares em outra ponte, vos direi, não tenhais pressa, senhora, que meu coração em vós não a tem

Num plano mais elevado daquela floresta, uma outra senhora passava ao longe, com um chapéu-de-chuva violeta, preparada a cena, assim me pareceu, quando voltando sobre a outra ponte dos carros, com cobertura que me fez ao momento lembrar metros e uma leitura em alvalade, relatada há uns anos no livro da visa, um mesmo chapéu-de-chuva ali no chão poisava, ao lado de um graffiti, que dizia, é isto que pagamos, o isto, se de definiu ao momento em minha consciência, foi o metro, curiosa linha de alguém que assim como de costume em diagonal o projectou, poderia ser de menezes a encenação, o dizer, assim me pareceu ler numa foto dele depois num jornal 

Patagónia, de novo me apareceu numa conversa, sobre um livro da bela isabel allende 
in this writing appears in cumulative lecture, ie, I suppose from vila real group, espada e a pedra, the rock and the sword, is from the same family of the criminal judge of the court of childs and miner of Lisbon, that had some logic, because some of the texts they still and erased are concerning this particular point of accusation, the horse of the hooker oni group, perhaps this also concern this two old cross that they had done to me some years ago

In one of the recent masters, I say that paula teixeira, is connected with a child death, and before after she went to the pt. government another one, Angelico crash, the day I leave to vila real, in av de ceuta, there was flowers, in the place they murder the little Rafaela from the torrinha quarter, as I described long time ago at the moment of happening in book of life, the sum is clear, she is also connected with this child dead    

As I proved, and all the documents are on line, this terrorist paula teixeira, that actually is the justice minister, has been criminal charge concerning the crimes they commit against me and my son during all this years, and once again the absence of any answer to the register letter that I send prove they guilty

I want justice for me and my son and all this criminals in jail!!!!!!