sexta-feira, abril 27, 2012

criminal complaint against ex education minister

This is a criminal complaint to the European criminal court against the ex-education minister, from the last cabinet at this date, PS, and the Portuguese parliament, by the crime of abuse of confidence in the conduction of public affairs and common money, by crime of corruption and robber of public money, for crime of bad management of public money, and by covering it

The anterior cabinet had create an enterprise to promote works on the national schools
As came to public knowledge, not only there was many delays on this works, but worst the budget define in the beginning, was surpassed by a huge amount of public money, this configures a crime against the republic and the state of law and all the citizens

Them these days as usual, came an inquiry on the parliament, and by what is public knowledge, the answer that the lady gave to the inquiry commission, was something in this usual kind

That in her opinion the money has good spend because in this way school get better installation’s, which as answer, says all, and I do not know until now any conclusion from this so call inquiry parliament commission, that normally cover all at end, because we, citizens, did not see until now from the many and constant inquiry’s, that from any inquiry commission came out a demand of criminal inquiry and consequently criminal responsibility, this is public money, and this absence of persecuting justice according to the law, say also that as normal, the parliament also cover this criminal acts, which by law made all the also accomplishes on this constant crimes against the people and the state

Hereby, I ask the criminal European court, a full criminal inquiry on this case

Paulo forte
16 04 2012

sofia coppola, filipe goncalez, and zapatero

(strange change of names, concerning Spain matters, filipe goncalez as Zapatero, this seems speaks about recent lines,sofia coppola lines and the other lady, that was secretary of ,f I k I p e, filipe goncales, a journalist)

concerning one of the last text publish at sea matters until this day

three new old kiss

accusation and prove of active participation of the actual minister pedro mota soares and mario soares

 prove and accusation of active particpation in this crime of conspiracy, against pedro mota soares and mario soares