sábado, junho 09, 2012

the 318 finally up load

terrorist attack on net

I m trying to up load the video in this serie that is still missing, four times, and always crasch,
i will up load it soon as possible!

Portugal a nazi country where free figthers are killed

Portugal, a NAZI COUNTRY, where people are killed by the so cal authorities

There are “esquadrões de morte” in Portugal as in brasil.

They are denying to me proper health care for the last two weeks

Complains about poisonings in supermarket which are crimes against public health are not answer

They are killing me, and all the state authorities cover this crime

This is a criminal complaint of attempt of murder against all the Portuguese authorities, against the president, against the parliament, against the government, against the polices, against the courts, against professional orders


Pinto Balsemão, co funder of the social democratic party state last week in news papers that this time, is worst then pide, the political police of the old regime, his party is the actual government here in Portugal and nothing happen!

Many youngsters are been killed by the fascists!

There no justice in this Nazi country!

In this last sequence of videos under published, Portugal, hospitals, fnac and microsoft crimes,  corruptions and robbers, Spain, Sweden,London, Queen image, USA, towers and the boss, Germany, Lagarde and plume, referee, Moscow metros, Beslan, rosas fase, Belgium, Swiss, and tsunami 2005, tailand pavillion image at belen, and some Brasil, bernardo sasseti and miguel portas, murders, keys
and many crimes at this nazi country,  and some kiss

319 M 08 06 2012